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Fable II--Review

I never played much of the original Fable.  But I did get a basic idea of what the game is about.  When I started playing Fable II, it felt like I was playing the same game.  From a technical standpoint, the game has made advancements, but overall it doesn't feel like an Xbox 360 title to me.  It feels like I'm playing an original Xbox game.  That's where I have my biggest hang up with Fable II.  As long as it took them to make the sequel, you would think they would have done more to expand the game into something much bigger and better than the original.  It just seems like to me that the developers were very stuck in their ways and were not open to trying new things, which is very sad because this game could have been great.  In the end, I do believe people will disagree with this review because everyone has their own opinions on what is a quality game and what isn't.  If you are a huge fan of the original, then I don't see why you wouldn't like Fable II.  Otherwise, I feel this game is only worth a rental.


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