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Hunting the Huntsman - The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Review 0

Who's the fairest of them all?The follow-up to Telltale's 2012 award-winning adventure The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us sees the player thrust headlong into a mature, gritty world of fairy tales and monsters, set against the backdrop of New York City. One moment you're breaking up a domestic disturbance caused by The Woodsman, the next you're asking The Magic Mirror questions while an alcoholic monkey from The Wizard of Oz tries to find a book for you. Based on the Fables comic book by Bill W...

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Once Upon a Time 0

Note: The following is a review of the entirety of The Wolf Among Us and has been attached to the release of the fifth episode only as a consequence of site functionality.Conventional wisdom would state that when you’re creating a new game series or even a sequel, that you need to take a significant mechanical departure from what you did last time around. That the set of rules, tools, and goals that comprised your previous games can’t just be regurgitated or players are going to get ...

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Hungry like the wolf 0

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day, she decided to bring a basket of goodies to her ailing grandmother who lived in the spooky woods. When she finally arrived at her grandma’s cabin, a hoarse voice called out to her, inviting her inside. She obliged and entered the dimly-lit cottage. Little Red Riding Hood was always a gullible child, and when a strangely hairy version of her grandmother assured her she was, in fact, her grandmother, Little Red found herse...

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Telltale rolls out the style 0

Having played the Walking Dead games, I dove into The Wolf Among us and had a blast. The story told is set in a great universe, with dark 80s versions of characters from fairy tales. I do recommend picking up all of the episodes in one go, now that they are all out, as playing through them back to back seems to work best, with some episodes shorter than others. Much like other games Telltale produce, there are no 'right' choices, and things are certainly left open for more games in the series. T...

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Video Review - The Wolf Among Us 0

The Wolf Among Us comes from Telltale Games and continues their evolution of the adventure game genre. This time, they've set their sights on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book universe. The game takes place in the fictional borough of New York city called Fabletown where Bigby Wolf seeks to solve a murder. As is the case with other games in the genre twists, turns, and revelations ensue along with plenty of dialog trees and point-and-click investigation. For more, check out my Video Review. ...

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Stumbled in the end. 0

I enjoyed the story up to the end, I think the ending was weak.episode 1 awesomeepisode 2-4 goodepisode 5 mostly lame with two great boss sequences.The game play was better than previous telltale games, there was a boss fight that was good and many good battle sequences throughout the episodes.I did have a bug that came up more than once where the dialog choices wouldn't load up while the game would just keep going, so I had to reload from a save 4 times, I didn't lose any progress but it was an...

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I'll Huff and I'll Puff 0

The Wolf Among Us just released the final episode of it's first season this past Tuesday, so it's about time I give you my thoughts on it as a whole.I chose to play The Wolf Among Us strictly because of its lineage; it's another episodic adventure game made by Telltale in the same vein as their excellent Walking Dead series. I knew nothing about the graphic novels the game is based on. In fact I knew nothing about the plot or characters at all before playing it. So it speaks to the strength of ...

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I'm Bigby Wolf (and the Woodsman) and we approve this message 0

Best roles of my career (well, perhaps tied with Shaco from League of Legends)… but all invested interest aside, I'm playing the game and enjoying it big time. I try to keep myself in the dark as far as the plot line goes as much as possible during production, begging the producers/directors/writers/engineers/craft services guys not to tell me any more than my character absolutely HAS to know. In fact… I found out about the big shocker at the end of episode one when you guys did&h...

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Wolf Among Us -android version 0

Not having played the previous version of Wolf Among Us, but having read the review of it, got me curious to try it out. Not knowing it was on the Google Play Store, (until recently) I decided to download it and man is that a good game. I am currently playing it on my Note 10.1 2014 ed. and am loving it which refueled my desire for older point and click adventures. At the end of the day, the Wolf Among Us is an excellent game (broken up into episodes) and should be played by those who have a ne...

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Deception Personified 0

The ability to release episodic content instead of a complete product can have both positive and negative effects. On one hand it means you are delivered a story at the pace the developer wants you to consume it, you have time to think things through and speculate what might happen next and are left chomping at the bit for when you will be given more. On the other hand it can slow the pace of a story down as you can’t completely remember all the intricacies and you could lose interest in a...

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Review 0

Picture all of your favorite storybook fairytale characters. The Big Bad Wolf, the three little pigs, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Ichabod Crane, the Little Red Riding Hood, and all your other favorites. Now picture them in a gritty-modern day New York noir. Still with me? Now picture some of them as human beings. How's this possible you say? Through a spell called Glamour. This spell transforms a creature into a human form. It's expensive though so some people, like the three pigs, can't a...

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Episode 5: Cry Wolf - The Bloody Conclusion Arrives 0

Cry Wolf, the finale to Telltale games’ impressive The Wolf Among Us has a lot to live up to. Finales already have a level of expectation anyway but when a series is focused around trying to figure out mysteries and get answers, if these answers aren’t delivered in the end it’s easy to feel cheated. Cry Wolf thankfully gives us those answers in dramatic and satisfying ways, whilst still leaving a few questions that leave you wanting more. Take a deep breath before playing as th...

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Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing - The End is Nigh 0

In Sheep’s Clothing is very much a middling episode. Most of the episode is either referencing past events, mainly the shocking finale of the last episode and the repercussions of these actions, or setting up it’s conclusion in the next. This is where the episode fails to impact memorably outside of one or two moments and does slightly fall short of previous episodes.Episode 2 had the same problem after focusing on the aftermath of Episode 1 whilst setting up the next very well. It&r...

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Episode 3: A Crooked Mile - The Clock is Ticking… 0

After just a two month wait since Episode 2 was released, Telltale have kept their promise of releasing the episodes quicker after the initial four month wait since the series started. With the events of the previous episode still fresh, the impact of this episode is greater than ever before. What initially started as a whodunit for a murder is now becoming something that could have impact on the entirety of Fabletown itself. Trust is becoming something that is almost impossible to give to someo...

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Pudding & Pie 0

REVIEW - The Wolf Among Us : Episode 2 Smoke & MirrorsBy Tyler Pederson (GeekComplex) It’s been almost 4 months since we last saw Bigby, yet it feels like just yesterday that I first stepped foot into the world of Fables. Coming off of the highly praised adaptation of The Walking Dead, expectations were certainly high for adventure game developer Telltale Games. Episode 1, titled “Faith” was released last October, and brought with it the lessons learned from their past ende...

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