Will be free if you have redeemed an AMD Never Settle Coupon

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Posted this in the trailer news from Alex, but heads up to people who might not have seen it there, this will be free for anyone who redeemed an AMD Never Settle Reloaded Coupon according to a Tweet this morning from AMD.

Good stuff, I would have totally bought this, loved me some Far Cry 3, but getting it for free is even better.


AMD is killing it with the game pack-in love lately with their videocards, having them add games after the fact is even better. I got my code for free from a friend who upgraded to a CrosFire setup, but Nvidia needs to dump that "in-game credit for Free-To-Play games" thing they have going on and include some real games, or I might have to switch teams next upgrade.

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They did also say it would be a UPlay key. So basically worthless, which is fine. I preordered it on Steam as soon as it was available, this game deserves as much money as humanly possible.

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That's awesome! My new AMD card has been beast, and all the free games a got with it were just the cherry on top.

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Awesome, I bought one of those keys for FarCry 3 hella cheap.

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@pudge said:

They did also say it would be a UPlay key. So basically worthless, which is fine. I preordered it on Steam as soon as it was available, this game deserves as much money as humanly possible.

Why is it worthless? Having it on Steam just means you're having to access the game through 2 DRM walls instead of one. If having it on Steam meant you didn't have to load uPlay, that would be one thing, but the Steam version still pops up the uPlay UI when you launch it and there's not Steamworks support there, so it doesn't really matter.

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@krakn3dfx: It's worthless because UPlay is a proprietary system that most likely wont be around in 2-3 years, while Steam is a trusted service that I already have 700 games on. Even if UPlay crumbles, I'll still own the game on Steam.

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Whatever, Uplay or not these are free games that make upgrading a GPU more enticing. I bought Far Cry cheap from one of these bundles and bought a bundle code for Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider dirt cheap. Glad I redeemed the actual AMD code and didn't just get the steam keys from the person selling them, now I get this as well.

@pudge: If Uplay goes away, how would you be able to play your steam version? If customers direct to Ubisoft can't access their game why would steam users be able to? I doubt they'd remove the Uplay DRM off of the steam version and leave all the Uplay customers hanging with no access.

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@mroldboy: I assume that because Ubisoft isn't going to die out before they're shitty DRM does, and if they want customers, they'll do the same thing that Microsoft has started doing and make the UPlay stuff optional or strip it out of Steam releases.

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Have they said when they will be sending these out?

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@mroldboy: I got mine last night but the amd blog says within the week. Most likely sooner than later

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@thebunnyhunter: I missed that on the blog. Well I hope I get mine soon then, I checked again, but no email yet on the same email I got the TR and Bioshock codes sent to.

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Wait WHAT????!!! I already bought it though. Hahahaha! I assumed that it was only for those who bought it after this was announced. Oh well I dont really feel bad though.

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