At a certain point I tuned the story out (spoilers)

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After Vaas died I kinda tuned the story out so I have a quick question. Where do you find out that buck is a rapist. I was reading the forums and saw people talking about that, I've finished the game by the way. So as stupid as that sounds I apparently missed this reveal, can somebody explain it to me?

The whole story after Vaas was really throw-away to me, for example when you find Riley I didn't even know who he was. So yeah you could say I stopped paying attention.

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Buck was a rapist? 
Apparently from a quick google search it is implied he raped Keith, one of your friends. I think I remember those implications, but I figured they were just shit talk and not real

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I just watched the cutscene again where you rescue Keith and before you fight buck and yeah through the dialogue and stuff it is basically completely implied that he raped keith, with him grabbing his crotch and all and mentioning foreplay and whatnot. Still I feel like this is just another area where the story went bad. The "twist" if you want to call it that seemed pretty random

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They sorta imply that the first time you even hear his name mentioned, when Jason says, "His name his Buck and he likes to fu--." Him saying that was kinda out of nowhere and made me immediately assume that Buck would be raping Keith.

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I don't see how it isn't obvious.

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@believer258 said:

I don't see how it isn't obvious.

Seriously. What did you guys miss?

He comes down in a thong basically and grabs his dick when he says he's going to make sure both of you never leave.

Also tuned out at the same point as the OP so I identify with that.

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@believer258 said:

I don't see how it isn't obvious.

But then, some people didn't realize the pregnancy in the walking dead. I'll try not to judge.

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The first time they basically throw it at you is in the hallucination that leads you to the knife (thus telling you that you need to find the knife) when you see Keith (though I didn't know his name at the time) lying on the ground with Buck standing over him and they play some of the lines Buck says at the beginning of his 'bossfight'. So when you finally meet Buck and he does all the shit talking about Keith being gagged and what not, it's kind of obvious.

Things proceed to get more obvious from there...

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