berkie's Far Cry: Instincts (Xbox) review

A far cry from the original Farcry

   (This review originally writtin on Mar 20, 2006)

         Farcry instincts is a fps that is way to late to the party, and in my opinion should never have been released on the Xbox. The story is so forgettable that ive honestly forgot about most of the details since i played it 5 months ago. As a fan of the pc Farcry, I was very excited to hear about a console version of the game, but was skeptical about the Xbox being able to make a game so beautiful. Five seconds into the game i can tell that the graphics are not even comparable to the pc version.One of the original things that made Farcry (pc) so awesome was the draw distance. To this day i haven't seen a game that allows you to zoom so far with a scope or binoculars. Yet in Instincts, the draw distance is simply average at best. The weapon models in the pc version are also spectacular, but in Instincts, are blocky and have blurry textures. I understand that even entry pc's can process circles around the Xbox, but my point is the should have called this game something else, cuz it ain't Farcry. Graphics aside, they try to innovate by introducing "feral" abilities that you slowly unlock during the game. However, they are mostly useless and can be somewhat complicated to use..
      The one shining aspect is how the game controls. It feels pretty much like Halo 2 , so lots of people can jump right in. Another good thing is the multi-player map editor, it is extremely diversive and allows for some very interesting creations. But when I went online there was very few people even playing.
       Now that there is a 360 version around the corner , and i just finished G.R.A.W., maybe ill give it one more chance. But if you played the original or have a 360, skip this one unless you gotta have a new fps. Still , just play Black instead, its way more satisfying!
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