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The gameplay is similar to FarmVille as there are crops, trees and animals, but there no purchasable buildings. Instead, there decorative items for your farm.


Most of The crops of Farmerama

There are currently 48 crop types in the game. (Not including Bahamarama) The list includes: Lettuce, wheat, carrots, hay, oats, sunflowers, corn, celery, potatoes, hops, cucumbers, rhubarb, fennel, strawberry, tomato, bluebell, gooseberry, beans, cabbage, tulips, mushrooms, watermelons, pumpkins, radishes, sage, lavender, asparagus, canola, blueberry, lilies, oyster mushrooms, hazelnuts, kohlrabi, onions, red roses, sugar beet, broccoli, garlic, red cabbages, spinach, artichokes, raspberries, barley, leek, rye, spelt carnation, lady's bedstraw and cauliflower.


Some of the trees in Farnerama

There are currently 23 types of trees in the game, including special trees. (Not Including Bahamarama) The standard list includes: Apple trees, walnut trees, plum trees, pear trees, cherry trees, orange trees, yellow pear trees, date trees, olive trees, almond trees, and maple trees. Special trees are usually introduced in events in the game. After the event is over it is possible for the tree to be unattainable until another event happens, or if the devolpers decide to put it as a prize on the farm wheel. Some special trees bare fruits like standard trees, while some just give EP, (Experience Points.) and are the only trees that can be placed in the park. The list of special is as follows: Peach tree, chestnut tree, gold leaf tree, magnolia tree, gingko tree, scented tree, spring tree, rainbow tree, Mirabelle plum tree, egg tree, Christmas tree, lemon tree, milk tree and BB tree.



There are currently 24 animal types including special animals. (Not including Bahamarama) The standard animal include: Chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, turkeys, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, fish, bees, peacocks, ostriches, donkeys and beavers. Special animals are much like special trees. (More info above) They include: Moose, bats, reindeer, kangaroos butterflies, squirrels, fireflies, groundhogs and skunks.

Production Pens:

Ostrich Egg Farm

Instead of growing and collecting animals, production pens use animals to make products. Some products are realistic, such as milk from cows, while others aren't. Such at paint from turkeys. The production pens include: Chicken egg farm, rabbit shearing shed, goat deary, Bat guano production, paint factory, (Turkeys) feather collecting station, (Ducks) sheep shearing shed, pig nursery, (Pigs collect truffles) Cow dairy, rodeo ranch, (Horses) koi pond, (fish) apiary, (Bees) ostrich egg farm and a beaver sawmill. Production pens use animals and their corresponding animal feed. Once an animal is used in the production pen, it's gone forever. Unlike animal pens which can simply be bought with CC's, (Country Coins) when you reach the appropriate level, production pens must be built with tools. Tools can be collected in various ways, from harvest rewards, to tool boxes that can be bought from the supply store for BB's. (Barnyard Bills) Small tool boxes can also be given as gifts from friends and neighbors.


Animal pens, trees and some production pens (Breeding animal specific) can be upgraded. Upgrades include: Faster production time, more EP's (Experience points) and the possibility of more animals/products per harvest. Basic level upgrades can be bought with CC's. (Country Coins) More advanced upgrades have to be bought with BB's (Barnyard Bills) and the most advanced upgrades must be built with breeding animals and tools in the workshop. (Animal and production pens only)

Harvest Rewards:

Harvest rewards are tools rewarded to you from harvesting crops, trees, animal pens and production pens. Tools are used to build production pens. What you get is completely random. Harvest rewards include: Wood board, nails, hammers, shovels, saws, spray cans, oak seedlings, queen bees, feather collectors, wooden mallets, bricks, roof tiles, paint, machine parts, scissors and air conditioners.


There are hundreds of decorative items in Farmerama. (Way to many to list.) In fact, there are so many there is a park to put them all in. (More info on the park below.) Some items are just purely decorative, while others give EP (Experience Points) and occasionally, some will give CC's. (Country Coins.) Some decorations can be bought in the supply store, but most are won through event challenges.



Events occur quite often in Farmerama. Some times several a month. Events range from holidays, to celebrating large real world events, (Such as the soccer world cup in 2010, or the royal wedding in 2011.) as well as their own events. (such as the alien event, or moonlight mania.) Events bring with them new contracts and participating in events can be beneficial. prizes range from EP's, CC's and BB's, (Experience Points, Country Coins and Barnyard Bills.) as well as power feed, super grow, stars, among other things. Events usually have a top level prize of an appropriate to the event decoration that gives EP's. Most events last as little 24 hours to a week, but occasionally, an event can last upwards of a month.

Moonlight Mania:

A field of Killer Tomatoes!

Moonlight Mania is the only event that usually reoccurs monthly. Each month, near, or on the date of the full moon, you'll be able to enter a "night mode" on the main field of your farm for 24 hours. Once the event has begun, you'll be able to grow "spooky crops" and you can trade them in at Jack's shop for some unique items. Spooky crops include: Killer tomatoes, monster pumpkins, bonetrees, tombstones, and ghosts. More information on Moonlight Mania here.

Renzo's Traveling Fair:

Renzo's Traveling Fair

Renzo's fair is another reoccurring event that usually happens a few times a year. When in town, you receive 10 tickets each day if you sign in within 24 hours of midnight in game time. (6PM U.S. Eastern time) You can then use those tickets to play mini-games to earn tokens called "Game Chips." Once you've earned enough chips, you can then trade them in for prizes. (Prizes vary each time the fair comes to town.) Tickets and chips can be saved and used anytime the fair comes to town. There are currently 3 mini-games to play: "Bean the Groundhog" (Whack-A-Mole) , "Mach-O-Meter" (High Striker) and "Loot Shoot." (Click on a treasure chest and hopefully find a key in it, if you do you move on to the next round. If not, you'll find chips and you game is over. For more information on Renzo's fair you can click here.

Breeding animals:

The breeding pasture.

Introduced in March, 2011 Animal breeding allows you to obtain colored variants of animals. (Not unlocked until level 21.) Currently, there are 5 animal types that are supported for breeding, chickens, rabbits, sheep, cows and bats. (Bat breeding must be unlocked during the Moonlight Mania event) There are 9 colors of each animal. (Including the standard color of each animal.) It takes 4 of each colored animal to make 1 of the next colored animal. Once you have used the 4 animals to breed, they are gone forever. The higher colored animals are extremely valuable, selling for millions of CC's (Country Coins) on the market. Colored sheep include: Brownie, blackie, baldy, curly, snuggles, glitter, rosy and goldie. Colored rabbits include: Cocoa, cuddles, trixx, scaredy, snowy, abracadabra, flopsy and Easter bunny. Colored chickens include: Roaster, silky, cuckoo, gumbo, mini, breezy rainbow and golden hen. Colored cows include: Brown cow, white cow, alpine cow, highland cow, flaming steer, cowgirl, milky way cow and milkshake cow. Colored bats include: Albino bat, brown bat, hungry bat, furry bat, vampire bat, sporty bat, rocker bat and heroic bat. Unlike animal pens, or production pens, breeding animals requires power feed. (More info on power feed below.) Breeding normally takes 6 hours, but can be reduced to as little a 22 minutes with pheromones. Pheromones can be bought in the supply store in the city, won in some contracts, or be gifted to, or from friends and neighbors. More detailed information on breeding here.

The tree of wisdom:

The tree of wisdom

Introduced in May, 2011 the tree of wisdom is located in the magical glade. (accessed at level 14. More info below) It features several carvings that can be unlocked via stars. Unlocking carvings can either give you in game items, (Such as a peach tree) in game advantages (Such as faster animal feed production) or unlock features in the game. (Such as access to Bahamarama, or early access to the the Park.) You can obtain stars by leveling up, completing contracts at the Farmer's Society, (More info below) or occasionally as a prize on the farm wheel. (More info below)

A full list of carvings can be viewed here


There are 2 types of currencies in the game: Country Coins (CC's) and barnyard Bills. (BB's)

Country Coin

CC's are the main currency in the gane. They are used to buy seeds for crops, animal pens, water, trees, market transactions etc.

Barnyard Bill

BB's are Bigpoint's micro transaction currency. They are used to purchase upgrades for animals and trees, power feed and super grow, toolbox items etc. Small amounts of BB's can also be won during events. 1 BB is also received each time you level up. You can buy as little as 50 BB's for $2.99 USD, or as many as 3,300 BB for $99.99 USD.

Power-Feed and Super-Grow:


Power-Feed and Super-Grow are usually bought with Barnyard Bills, but can be won during events and occasionally on the farm wheel. Small quantities of Power-Feed can also be made in the mill. (More info below) Power-Feed reduces animal growth time by half. It's also used to breed animals. (More info on breeding above.)


Super-grow reduces field crop growth time by half.

Friends and neighbors:

neighbor list

At level 17, (Earlier if you unlock the appropriate carving on the tree of wisdom) you gain access to the Green Meadow which requires you to have at least 12 neighbors to fully clear the land for use. (With a standard account, you can have a total of 18 neighbors with a premium account. 24 neighbors. If you unlock the appropriate carving on the tree of wisdom. Add 6 to each of those numbers. You can send messages and gifts to your neighbors. You can also get married to one of your neighbors. (More info on how to add neighbors to your list here.) If your neighbor list is full and you still want more friends, you can add them to your friends list, which allows you to send them messages and gifts.


Wedding Arch

Introduced in February 2011, Marriage allows you and a neighbor to gain extra EP's (Experience Points) off of each other. The amount of points depends on which level of wedding ring you or your potential partner purchases. Once married, you and your partner will receive a wedding arch. One arch will receive a countdown timer. Once the timer is complete and the person collects the EP (Experience Points) It will go to the other persons arch and do the same thing and the process repeats indefinitely. (EP and the amount of time varies on the ring level.) You can also send a kiss to your partner each day which also gives them EP. (EP varies on the ring level) More detailed info on marriage here.


Each day, you can send up to 5 free gifts to your friends and neighbors. (7 if you've unlocked the appropriate carving on the tree of wisdom) You can send more for varying prices of Barnyard Bills. (Excluding Toolbox items, bouquets.) You can find a full list of gifts and what they do here.


Crafting was introduced in August of 2011. At level 40 you gain access to the artisans' village. There you can choose to be in one of two trades. You can either be a baker, or a confectioner. (Jam maker) Once you've chosen a trade, you can optionally purchase the other trade for $2.99 USD. To help withe your decision, you can read more on crafting here.


The Map
If there's a place you gotta go, I'm the one you need to know!
The map is the main way around the farm. Locations include: The main farm, the city, the artisan's village, Renzo's traveling fair, the magic bean stalk, The green meadow, the park, the magical glade, and bahamarama.
The City
The City Overview
The city is a place of a lot of locales, including:
The Shopping Center
The Shopping Center is home to several different stores, they include:

  • Seed Shop: The seed shop is the place to buy seeds to plant your crops.
  • Nursery: The Nursery is where trees are purchased. (More info on trees above)
  • Carpenter: Animal pens are purchased at the Carpenter. (Not to be confused as Production pens.)
  • Supply Store: The Supply Store is the Wal-Mart of stores in Farmerama. You can find many different things for sale there. From toolbox items to decorations and animal pen/tree upgrades. If you can't find it anywhere else in the city, it can probably be found here.
The Workshop
Production pens are built in the workshop. (Not to be contused with regular animal pens. More information is available above.)

Access to the shop is unlocked at level 8.
The Market
The Market allows you to buy and sell crops and animals that you've grown with other players in the game. Access to the market is unlocked at level 3. If you want to buy an item that's unlocked at a higher level, you won't have access to it on the market.
The Post Office
The Post Office is more than just a post office. It also houses the Gift Center and the Tourist Office.

  • Post Office: The post office allows you to send and receive letters from friends and neighbors. You can also see a picture of their farm, if they have taken one.
  • Tourist Office: The tourist office allows you to take a picture of your farm and share it on other websites. Your friends can see you picture as well.
  • Gift Center: The gift center allows you to send your friends and neighbors gifts daily. (More info on gifts above.)
The Farmers' society
The Farmer's Society is the the place to go to get contracts. Contracts have various levels of challenges to complete. Upon completion of each challenge, they'll reward you with Country Coins, Experience Points, decorations, stars.. etc.Short-term event contracts are also held here. You can get a full list of contracts, their challenges and items need to complete them here.
The Bank
The bank is where you can convert Barnyard Bills in to Country Coins. You can also purchase Barnyard Bills and/or a premium account. Premium advantages include: Your account will not be deleted for inactivity as long as your premium account is activ e. (Standard accounts are deleted after 30 days of inactivity.) Twice the farmh ouse orders per day. 24 neighbors instead of 18. Unlimited water and double the manure capacity. Access to the lookout tower. (More info below) Immediate access to the green meadow and park, even it your not at the required level. 5% more change of getting harvest rewards at each harvest. Premium accounts cost $5.99 USD a month for 6 months, ($35.94) or $4.99 USD a month for a year. ($59.88) Starter kits and Advantage packs are also sold here.
The Farm Wheel
You can win prizes every day on the Farm Wheel. Each morning at midnight, Central European Time (6pm Eastern Time.) you'll receive a free spin. (If you sign in within 24 hours after midnight.) You can purchase more spins for 2 Barnyard Bills each. You can only have up to 5 spins stored at any time. You can see a full prize list here.
Event Square
The event square is where events take place. When an event is in town, it will show up here and stay here until the event is over.
The Lookout Tower
The lookout tower is for premium members only. (More info on a premium membership is available above in the bank section.) The lookout tower automatically harvests trees, and removes weeds from your fields if you've been away from the game for more than 24 hours after your crops have matured.
The Artisans' Village
The artisans' village
The artisan's village is where you can craft baked goods, jams, floral arrangments become a spa manager. The village is unlocked at level 40. Once unlocked, you can then choose your trade. (More info above.)
The Main Farm
The main farm
The main farm is the first area that you have access to for farming when you start the game. Farm land, animals decorations and trees can be placed on the open land. There are buildings and equipment that you can use. They are as follows:
The silo where Power-Feed and Super-Grow are stored and purchased. (More info above)
Water Tower
The water tower stores water for for your farm. Water is used to reduce crop and animal growth time by 20%. By default, the tower stores 100 units of water at a time. (up to 300 if the appropriate carving on the tree of wisdom is unlocked) It costs 1 country coin per unit of water to refill the tower.
The Barn
Nearly everything on your farm is stored in the barn. From crops, to harvest rewards, it's all here. Barn space is unlimited, so fill it as much as you can!
At the farmhouse you can receive product orders from A.I. animals. If the house is rocking back and forth, you have a new order. If you have the products that the animal is asking for, you can immediately accept the order. An accepted order will pay you in Country Coins and give you a small bonus of Experience

Farmhouse order menu
Points. There are also golden orders, which require more rare, or hard to make items in the game. (Such as: Production pen items, rare tree fruits, or rare animal pen animals.) They will give more bonus EP's upon completion, as well as CC's. These orders are marked with golden stars. If you don't have the needed products, you can either save the order until you do, or you can reject the order. Orders have no time limits and there is no penalty for rejecting orders. Standard members will receive 6 orders every 24 hours (Starting at midnight, Central European Time.) and you can store 10 orders at a time. Premium will have 12 orders per 24 hours and can store 20 orders at a time. Need more orders? you can hire the town crier for 25 Barnyard Bills and he'll bring in 5 more orders. There is also a shortcut to the market at the farmhouse.
The windmill is where you mix animal feed. Each animal requires their own feed. You can also mix small quantities of Power-Feed as well.
Manure Pile
Manure is collected from animals. Each time you harvest an animal, or animal product, you have to clean the pen. Once the pen is cleaned, you will receive 1 unit of manure. Manure reduces crop growth time by 5%. By default, you can store 100 unites of manure. (Premium members can store 200 units) When you unlock and upgrade the appropriate carving on the tree of wisdom, you can hold up to 300 units. (Double for premium members)
Farm Machinery
Although it may look like a harvester, it can do more than just harvest. This mean machine makes farming easy! It turns what would take several clicks in to a few clicks There are 3 machines that you can use. The harvester, the Seeder and the farm droid. Each machine costs 15 Barnyard Bills for 48 hours of operation. You can also win machinery time in some events. The harvester harvest all your fields, animal pens, production pens and breeding pastures on the plot of land that you're currently on in just one click. The Seeder can plant, water and fertilize your fields with manure and/or Super-Grow in just a few clicks. The farm droid can clean manure from pens, feed animals with standard, or Power-Feed, water the animals and place pheromones in the breeding pasture(s) in just a few clicks.


There are several icons in the left side of your screen. They are the same across all the land on your farm. (Besides the park, which only has the sticker album, decorations and mutli tool icons) They are:

Sticker Album

This icon takes you to your sticker album. You can earn a sticker for completing the tutorial. Some events have a sticker as a prize as well.

Seeds Icon

This Icon allows you to plant multiple seeds of a single seed type across multiple fields. (Instead of clicking on each field and choosing what to plant there. There is also a shortcut to the seed shop.

Field Icon

This icon allows you can choose 3 different sized fields here. A 1X1 square, A 1X2 rectangle, or A 4X4 square field. You can also select breeding pastures from this tab. (Level 21 and up) In August, 2011, a new field was introduced. It's dubbed the comfort field. It's a 2X2 field that's unlocked at level 60. It's a good field for people that want to play the game less often. It costs 500 Country Coins, (Other fields are free) requires 4 seed to be planted, (Instead of one.) it yields 15 seeds (instead of five) and crops take four times longer to grow, but you get double experience points and weeds don't appear until 48 hours after the crops mature. (Instead of 24.)

Tree Icon

This icon is where trees and tree upgrades are located. (Once purchased) There is also a shortcut to the Nursery.

Animal Icon

This icon is where animal pens, production pens and pen upgrades are located. (Once purchased) There is also a shortcut to the carpenter here.

Decorations Icon

This icon is where all the decorative items are located. once the icon is clicked on, there are two more icons to click on. The top one is for decorative items only. The bottom one is for decorative items that give Experience Points and Country Coins. There is also a shortcut to the supply store here.

Mutlitool Icon

This icon allows you to move, rotate and delete items that have been placed on your farm.

The Green Meadow:

Introduced in May 2010, The Green meadow is extra land for you to farm on and is unlocked at level 17 . Once unlocked, if you don't have any neighbors the field will be covered in various things rendering the field unusable. To clear the field entirely, you need 12 neighbors. (More info on neighbors above) Once cleared, the field acts the same as the main farm. With the exception that the graphics are reversed at the top of the screen to make it look like you're behind your main farm.

The Park:

The Park (Before clearing plots)

Introduced in September 2010, The Park is a place to store all your decorative items and is unlocked at level 21 (Unless unlocked on the tree of wisdom. More info above) You can't have any farming items here. When you first unlock the park, only one section of the land is cleared. To get more land, you must purchase it with Country Coins. There are 4 more plots of land, each cost more CC's to unlock. The second plot costs 8,000 CC's, the third plot is 20,000 CC, the 4 plot is 35,000 CC's and the last plot is 65,000 CC's.

The Magical Glade:

The Magical Glade (Before clearing)

Introduced in May 2011, the Magical Glade is more land to farm on. It also introduced the Tree of Wisdom. (More info above) Farming in the Glade is beneficial because each harvest gives slightly more Experience points. There is also a river nearby, so water is free as well. Like the Green Meadow, the Magical Glade must be cleared before use. To clear the land, you must

The Magical glade (Fully cleared)

unlock carvings on the tree of wisdom. There are 4 areas to clear, each costing more stars. The first area costs 35 stars, second area costs 45 stars, the third area costs 55 stars and the fourth area costs 65 stars.


Bahamarama, ready to be farmed on

Introduced in November 2010, Bahamarama is a tropical island that you can farm on. It's a unique addition to the game because it has exotic crops, animals and trees. Mainland crops, animals and trees cannot be farmed here and likewise for Bahamarama items. Bahama also has it's own levels. Bahamarama is unlocked on the tree of wisdom (More info above) by purchasing the appropriate carving for 200 stars.

Bahamarama Buildings:

Most of the buildings on Bahamarama work similarly to the mainland farm's buildings, but they look different. The buildings include:

The Tiki Shop

Since there's no city on the island, All items sold on the island must be bought here. With the exception of production pens. (Seeds, animal pens, trees etc..)


Click here to return to the mainland.

Water Tower & silo

The water tower and silo work the same as the ones on the mainland, but the water tower takes 200 Country Coins to fill it. (Water level is separate from the mainland's, but silo levels are the shared.)


The barn works the same as the mainland's barn. In fact, it shows the same menu as the mainland's. (Meaning it shows the items stored in the mainland's barn as well.)

Bahama Bar

The Bahama Bar works the same way that the farmhouse works on the mainland. (Orders are separate)


Works the same as the mainlands, but for Island animals only.

Manure Pile

Works the same as the mainland. Manure is shared between them.

Farm Machinery

Same thing as the harvester on the mainland.

Bahamarama Crops:

There are currently 13 crops on Bahamarama. They are as follows: Sugarcane, Grapes, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Pineapples, Cassava, Bromeliad, Zucchini, Peppers, Chili (Peppers), Sweet Potatoes, Yams and (Bell) Peppers.

Bahamarama Trees:

There are currently 11 trees on Bahamarama. They are as follows: Banana trees, Coconut, Mango trees, Dragon Fruit trees, Guava trees, Coco Trees, Advoacado trees, Papaya trees, Kumquat trees, Lychee trees and Jocote trees.

Bahamarama Animals:

There are currently 5 animals on Bahamarama. They are as follows: Parrots, Monkeys, Elephants, Sloths and anacondas.

Bahamarama Production Pens:

There are currently 2 production pens on Bahamarama. They are as follows: Parrot Feather Collector and Peanut Butter Factory. (Elephants)


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