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Fart yourself silly

Fart Cat! is the first game from Summer Camp Studios, the company built from the remnants of the destruction of 38 Studios. In it you must feed Fart Cat delicious but disgusting food to cause it to fart and scare off its owner who is trying to pet it. Game play consists of dragging and dropping the specific food that Fart Cat is asking for before the owner can pet it.

The game play is rudimentary but the game itself is great due to its art style, music, and general tone. While it's really just a simple drag and drop game that mimics what the old Macintosh had kids do to teach them how a mouse works, the game looks beautiful and something about making a cat fart over and over really is fun.

There is also a FartCraft mode where you can feed Fart Cat five different foods in any combination to illicit 32 different farts.

Overall the game itself is shallow, but for the art, the mood, the fun, and the price of only one dollar, Fart Cat! is a game anyone can enjoy.


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