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Fausseté Amour is a 2D side-scrolling platformer created by Naxat Soft and released on the PC Engine CD in 1993.


The player controls the main protagonist, a girl named Corque Lans. Corque is armed with an extendable chain blade inherited from her father; she can attack in several directions with this, by holding the relevant direction and pressing the II button. She is of course capable of jumping as well, via usage of the I button; double pressing jump will cause Corque to shoot her chain sword diagonally in an effort to grapple on to a platform; if it connects, she can then swing back and forth. Pressing attack while doing this causes Corque to perform a "kaiten jump", in which she flips higher in to the air, cutting through enemies; she can also simply let go with a normal jump. Magic is performed automatically when the player uses the "kaiten attack", which is performed by hitting down and attack while in the air. Should Corque get hit, she will lose her armor ala Ghouls n' Ghosts; one more hit will then finish her.

The red star magic.

MAGIC: There are three types of magic found in the game. All items and magic are dropped by fairies.

  • Midori dama: "Green balls" (緑魂). Corque shoots three green balls up at an angle.
  • Akaboshi: Red stars (赤星). Despite their name, they're actually yellow. Corque shoots three yellow stars forward; there is some start-up delay.
  • Ao Wave: Blue wave (青ウェーブ). Corque drops a burst of blue energy on the ground, which breaks in to three blue waves that travel vertically and spread out slightly. Difficult to use effectively.


  • Armor: A replacement suit of armor for Corque in case she's lost hers.
  • Gemstone: Red gems. The player needs to collect three of these in order to be able to advance to the boss; otherwise the "boss gate" will simply send the player back to the beginning of the level.
  • 1up: A one-up.


Title intro

It is the year 1162, "Lilijian" time (instead of AD or BC, setting this in an alternate world). A dark cult called "Holy Cask" has taken hold in the Northern kingdom of Belia. Lead by a mysterious figure known only as "Goat Bone", they practice devil-worship and have been summoning terrible beasts to ravage and destroy any towns who don't submit to the cult. In one such village dwelt a girl named Corque, with her sister Meriya. Corque burns for revenge... then she encounters a mysterious old man who knew her father. Provided with magical armor and armed with her father's chain sword and combat knowledge, she sets out for revenge and to rescue her sister!


Corque Lans: The daughter of the famous swordsman Karl Lans, she is the game's main protagonist. She has been trained in combat by her father, and has been provided with a suit of magic armor by a mysterious old man.

Mysterious Old Man: As one would expect, he's old and mysterious. He appears to Corque after her village is attacked and listens to her explain her desire to rescue her sister; he reveals he knew her father and provides her with magic armor. His name is actually Gale.

Meriya Lans: Corque's sister, she has been kidnapped by the cult for reasons unknown! She was engaged to be married to the handsome Count Royna.

Goat Bone: The evil leader of the cult. Who is he behind the mask? He has a strong grudge against humans.


Stage 1.

Stage 1: "Scene Amon". Corque heads through a forest patrolled by soldiers of the cult and some occasional monsters. An overweight soldier named Golgius riding a rhino serves as a mini-boss; the stage boss is the first of the demon apostles, an angry and prideful female warrior named Amon who turns in to a giant red demon to battle Corque.

Stage 2: "Scene Procel". Corque begins the stage by riding a raft as water descends in to a chasm. Water and rafts continue to be a theme as Corque is attacked by the local sealife. A pair of magical lions serve as the local mini-bosses. The stage of the demonic apostles, Procel, turns in to a horned snake-woman demon to fight Corque; she alternates between firing shock waves and spitting fire. If Corque stands too close she will strike Corque with her hands instead.

Stage 3: "Scene Lilim". Corque travels through a crystal cave populated by strange life-forms and skeletal warriors. The scene eventually shifts to a temple that looks vaguely south-Asian. The third of the demon apostles, the somewhat obnoxious Lilim, tricks Corque in to thinking she's her sister via shapeshifting. She then accuses Corque of having a pumpkin for a head and attacks in the form of a brownish winged devil.

A hellish landscape.

Stage 4: "Scene Marla". A volcanic scene unfolds before Corque, as strangely jazzy music full that is bizarrely full of screams plays in the background. Various demonic entities, including one that resembles Buer dwell here; zombies are encountered as well. A strange cyclopean demon with an eye in his bellybutton is the mini-boss; after being defeated once, he takes the form of a cyclopean sphere that fires its jaws at Corque. The fourth of the demon apostles, Marla, is (as one could surmise) the boss. Her name, considering the names of the other apostles, is most likely a reference to


with a simple mistake in romanization. She transforms in to a green-haired demon with arms for breasts growing out of the back of a lizard. The battle begins with Marla advancing on Corque and the lizard spitting fireballs with varying intervals between them whenever it is hit; after the lizard is destroyed the upper body detaches and spits green slime at Corque.

Scale the tower quickly!

Stage 5: "Scene Siki". Corque must scale a tower as it fills with magma in this auto-scrolling stage. The enemies continue to get stranger; some enemies in this stage resemble hives that shoot rocks at Corque. This stage has no mini-boss as such; however, a bizarre boulder with a face on it is encountered near the end of the stage; it is invincible and Corque can only be moved under it when it jumps. All four of the devil apostles, Amon, Procel, Lilim and Marla, appear as the boss; they all attack Corque simultaneously in their human forms, each obviously performing different actions.

Corque must battle her sister.

Stage 6: "Scene Meriya". Corque continues her journey, venturing up in to the clouds. Footing can be treacherous here, as Corque jumps from platform to platform. The enemies continue to follow demonic and undead trends, with some bizarre new abstract designs thrown in to the mix. Eventually Corque reaches a temple where she encounters her sister... who has been brainwashed by Goat Bone. Corque might fight her own sister, who has many of the same abilities... sadly her sister is mortally wounded before regaining her senses.

Ohhhhh yeaaaah!

Stage 7: Scene "Goatbone". Corque arrives in the final area, Goat Bone's castle. Full of traps and monsters, this will be Corque's ultimate test. At the end awaits Goat Bone himself. He attempts to justify his actions by revealing his mother was a witch who was executed for her beliefs, and when Corque says she pities him but that doesn't justify his actions, he flies in to a rage and does battle with her. Should Goat Bone be defeated, The cult's God


will burst from the wall.... the final boss! Enjoy the ending!

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