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Three years after Knight Arthur rescues his true love, Lucifer ( Loki) brings forth an army of macabre minions and steals the souls of his helpless victims. Among the souls stolen is Knight Arthur's bride. Once again Arthur dons his armor to fight the undead and demonic hordes. Ghouls 'n Ghosts game play is identical to its' possessor's with a few exceptions. Arthur is now able to attack straight up and straight down. A few new weapons have been added and a new set of gold armor. The Gold armor allows Arthur to use his weapon's special ability. Each weapon has a unique special ability save for the Psycho Cannon.

Weapons: Special Ability (Gold Armor)

Arthur must fight through 5 levels, twice, in order to defeat Lucifer (Loki) and free the trapped souls. On the second run through the game you are allowed to get the Psycho Cannon. It is a ball of magic that Arthur can throw at his enemies. The Psycho Cannon has no special ability. Gold Armor has the singular affect of increasing the Pyscho Cannon's range. Although a message after the first run through of the game claims that Lucifer (Loki) cannot be defeated without the Psycho Cannon, it is not required to actually defeat him.

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