Silver-backed PS1 Discs?

#1 Posted by JohnnyAutoFire (356 posts) -

So I recently picked up a copy of Final Fantasy Chronicles (the green labeled "Greatest Hits" version), and I was pretty shocked when I opened the case and flipped the discs over. Instead of being black like all of the other Playstation 1 games I've come across in the past fifteen years, these discs are silver, just like a music cd. At first I thought these were fakes, and that I'd been ripped off, but these discs work flawlessly in both my PS1 and my PS3. The labels on the discs seem correct too. They have the proper copyright information and logos, and the label feels like they should (not paper-y or anything like that, they feel exactly like my other Playstation games). I'm going to post a bunch of pics of the discs so maybe you guys can tell me what's going on with these. So far I haven't been able to find anything online about silver-backed ps1 games, except for some douche who's selling a silver backed FF Chronicles on ebay for a thousand dollars. I guess he thinks these are rare, but I doubt it. Anyway, I'm going to get back to Chrono Trigger (I can't believe I never played this, it's pretty rad).

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You got an HKs... read this (The PSX CD Differences section):
And thanks to you check what I just found, interesting:

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I googled the spindel number of the FFIV disk (forth pic from the left), and it's the same as the original FFIV disk. I don't know, maybe they're fakes, but the games work perfectly and I only payed about $20 for it, so I guess it's no big deal.

Awesome video by the way, gotta love the old playstation underground stuff.

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If it works roll with it I guess. Glad you're getting into Chrono Trigger. Awesome game.

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Yeah sounds like hong kong games.

Did you buy them online?

#6 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5572 posts) -

Well there are blue PS2 discs.

#7 Posted by JohnnyAutoFire (356 posts) -

@destruktive: Yeah, ebay.

#8 Posted by DukeTogo (1504 posts) -

They could also be resurfaced.  Game shops used to regularly resurface trade-ins removing the black dye layer.

#9 Posted by JohnnyAutoFire (356 posts) -

@DukeTogo: I get ps1 games resurfaced all the time and it never turns them silver, just nice and shiny.

@MarioLuigi: I'm fairly certain these (and the ones that the crazy guy on ebay has) are fake. I wouldn't go spending crazy amounts of money on something like this, and they play exactly the same as the regular black discs anyway.

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