philosoma's Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PlayStation Portable) review

Great Collection, Great Value

Brimming with brevity rarely experienced in other games in the genre and compelling characters whose leitmotifs touch the nostalgic chords in the hearts of fans that have celebrated this gem of a JRPG for nearly twenty years, FFIV is back and better than ever. FFIV made major technical and theatrical changes on the three previous titles that caused the game to stand out and define what Final Fantasy games would be about in future titles to come: Save Points, ATB System, extensive side quests, cutscenes, etc. FFIV is arguably one of the best in the entire series and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is a welcome entry and great value.

This version of FFIV has remade the events of the GBA version of FFIV and The After Years (FFIV's sequel) with all new redrawn 2D sprites, arranged and original soundtracks, added interlude and end-game content beyond the original story of FFIV. (Please check out the Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection page on Giantbomb)


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