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The game features redrawn 2D sprites, animations, and newly animated spell effects

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection a PSP compilation featuring Final Fantasy IV and its episodic sequel, The After Years. The collection also features an all-new episode set between the events of the original game and its sequel. This game allows players to start with either the Interlude portion, The After Years, or the original Final Fantasy IV story. The only exception is you must complete the first episode of The After Years to open the other episodes, which can be played in any order.

The game play is turn based, featuring the Active Time Battle system that debuted in the original version back in 1991. However, fans will find this version to be a bit more difficult than the "easy type" released outside of Japan as "Final Fantasy II"; the game mechanics and enemy difficulty is based on the "hard type" of the game (fans familiar with the PS1 and GBA releases of FFIV will recognize this difficulty. Also, if you are looking for even more of a challenge, you can make the game more difficult by turning on the ATB setting and adjusting the battle speed to the fastest option. Keep in mind that the game is defaulted with ATB off (Wait mode) which will pause the enemy actions whenever you are in the scrolling item or spell menus.

The game has additional end-game content included with The After Years

Takashi Tokita directed this game so fans can be sure to expect a faithful telling of the original content. The cinematic cutscenes from the DS remake will also be in this version of the game; they will be digitally remastered to a higher resolution and higher sound quality. The game features high resolution 2D graphics similar to those used in the previous Final Fantasy remakes on the PSP. The game's soundtrack has been remastered to a higher quality but players can still have the option to play the OST.

The game includes the extensive end-game content (Ordeal's Secret Cavern and Lunar Labyrinth) that was in the GBA version of the game. There is a bestiary in the game that streamlines data from all save files on your SD card. A gallery mode for viewing Yoshitaka Amano's artwork and a theater mode for viewing CG movies are also in the game. You can also select the game’s language from English, French or Japanese. The English translation is based on the GBA version of the game. Unfortunately, the cutscenes made for the Nintendo DS remake are not included in the game. Furthermore , the game does not have the DS version's Augment system, which allowed players to allocate new abilities and spells to the characters.

The Features of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

The Magus Sisters are back for more Delta Attack
  • Newly drawn 2D, high resolution sprites and animated spells
  • Arranged and Original audio
  • Difficulty more balanced between "Wait" (easier) and "ATB" (harder) battle modes
  • End-game, extra content from the Game Boy Advance version
  • End-game, extra content added for The After Years
  • Added FMV sequences throughout the game
  • Data install option for faster load times

Collector's Edition

The JP "Ultimate Pack" is full of amazing collector's items.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection also has a collector's edition .

In Japan, fans were treated with the "Ultimate Pack" which included an art book called Final Fantasy IV Complete Arts, a game guide, and Final Fantasy IV The After Years Sounds Plus (a 17-track audio CD whose final five tracks will be selected by votes cast by Japanese Square-Enix members). This collector's bundle is packaged in a special box that features art by Yoshitaka Amano.

All of the NA copies of the game come with these artwork cards.

The NA Version of the game includes five character cards with artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. These cards are quite small but are of great quality and have a glossy finish to them. The NA Version of the game also includes a code that will activate a special costume for Cecil in Dissidia 012.

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy Bonus

The nostalgic purple hair look returns after all these years.

Those that buy the game will also be able to unlock a special costume for Cecil Harvey in Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.

The Paladin costume resembles Cecil's in game sprite from the Super Nintendo version of the game. His hair is purple and he wears armor that is slightly gold in color. His Dark Knight armor has also changed to resemble his in game sprite from the Super Nintendo version.

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