Story question... Cloud a clone?

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I always thought that it was revealed in the game that Cloud was not a clone of Sephiroth and the reason he had all the memories of Nimbelheim was because he was there... just as a regular soldier... a friend of mine disagrees... so I am a little confused... was Cloud a clone of Sephiroth?
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You need to play Crisis Core to properly understand why he knows of Nimbelhelm.  At least, I think that's correct.

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No... I think? Christ, the storyline for VII has completely vanished from my memory for the most part.

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 Cloud's not a clone of Sephiroth's. It's true that Sephiroth says this on multiple occasions, but it's later revealed that Cloud was just experimented on which put him on a level of a SOLDIER First Class (or above), but more or less left him lethargic at first and mentally unbalanced after. Sephiroth's been known to lie, claiming that "there may have once been a real Cloud", implying that FFVII's Cloud is just a fake.

It may be important to note that the Japanese have a different definition of "cloning", rather, that translation is fuzzy on the subject. Whenever altered DNA or genetical experiments rise to the surface, it's usually considered "cloning" - take your King of Fighters, for example*.    

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I am not so sure Sephiroth was exactly lieing, I think he really did believe Cloud was a clone because he didn't remember him in Nimbelheim
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Nope, Cloud is not a clone.

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