I loved this game as a kid but...

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After recently coming back to it, I realized just how cheesy the dialogue is. Everyone mentions the iconic laughing scene and yes it was undoubtedly horrible but what about everything else? Like the dramatic pauses between--every--freaking--word. Cut scenes like this hold me at the brink of uncontrollable laughter. They couldn't get the lip syncing right anyways so why even bother?

And whats up with the natives building towns next to the ocean? I mean if a giant freaking sea creature patrolled the ocean destroying cities, killing countless amounts of people, feeding their dead bodies to its man-eating babies wouldn't you, I dunno... MOVE AWAY FROM THE FUCKING WATER?

At the very least put up some signs, "Sin Season, GTFO" because apparently the people of Spira have no common sense.

And Waka, ugh...

The guy is supposed to be Yuna's guardian right? Serious business... So Why does he insist on playing blitzball at the most awkward moment in history? Hell why is anyone playing at all? They should be shacking up in there Sin shelters, not clumping together in a big ass stadium. They might as well have hung up a sign on the wall that said, "We're ready to die!"

And another thing, I thought these people don't believe in using machina? They almost had me fooled with the chocobo powered boat engines... so whats up with the giant electronic scoreboard at the tourney? This makes about as much sense as everybody having gills... oh wait

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they had to work within the confines of the japanese lip syncing. the game has its flaws, but my god what an incredible story with incredible music and incredible scenery. completely nullifies any niggles i have with it.

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For me, X is when I lost interest in the Final Fantasy series. Like you said, the dialogue is incredibly cheesy.. which wouldn't be so bad, if that weren't the entire game. The whole thing focuses around cheesy teen drama and I just didn't enjoy it for a second. VIII and XIII had similar problems, but X is still probably my least favourite game in the series. I really don't understand why it's held in such high regard by some.

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It can be incredibly saccharine but some aspects of it were interesting: the setting, the bizarre religion, Sin, etc. I don't think it was horrendous but the relationship between Yuna and Tidus definitely detracted a great deal from it.

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Not a huge X fan either, everything about that game was extremely off-putting to me.

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There was a lot I liked in X, and it contains one of my favourite pieces of video game music ever (Zanarkand. I tear up every time i listen to that beautiful piece of music).

I liked the story, the general anti-religious tone of things, and most of the characters as well. I dunno about the english release, but the voice acting was quite well done too for the (I believe) first voice acted final fantasy. As far as why people are pretty calm about Sin, it's part of day to day life. People know Sin will come, and they know they have to sacrifice to it. People can adapt to about anything, and if you let yourself get into a huge panic every time it happens, things fall apart. I live in a place regularly hit by earthquakes (including the devastating 3/11 quake) and we don't erupt into a panic every time an earthquake happens. For most minor ones, we hardly even notice them or pause from work. You get accustomed to things that in other regions would be considered very bad, because otherwise you simply can't function in a day to day way.

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@WinterSnowblind said:

For me, X is when I lost interest in the Final Fantasy series. Like you said, the dialogue is incredibly cheesy.. which wouldn't be so bad, if that weren't the entire game. The whole thing focuses around cheesy teen drama and I just didn't enjoy it for a second. VIII and XIII had similar problems, but X is still probably my least favourite game in the series. I really don't understand why it's held in such high regard by some.

Same. It felt far less open than the previous entries and despite the combat system being pretty great, everything surrounding it just didn't click with me. I also preferred it when the series was enveloped in a more traditionally western aesthetic, as opposed to the weird mix they used in X.

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Some of the minor points are actually covered in the game, if I remember right. Blitzball is pretty much the only hobby the citizens have, aside from watching Sin stomp on their houses. The crusaders protect the stadium so the people can at least have some sort of enjoyment.

For the machina bit, the temple deicdes what kind can and can't be used. I think that's mostly used to show the people are just blindly following this crazy religion that breaks its own rules.

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In retrospect, it was a much stronger next gen outing than XIII proved to be. I enjoyed it while I was playing it, but I can imagine what time has done to it. I played it when I was 16 or 17 so to go back would probably prove it to be very cheesy.

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I simply found myself bored with the actual combat. It seemed to be nothing more than the most basic of jrpg systems.

It's why I was such a big fan of FFXII. It was so fun and refreshing that I loved every minute of playing it.

Just as FFVII was a lot of players first FF, FFX had it's own generation who's first experience was with the game. It's probably why so many people disliked FFXII; because they had so long to wait after their first FF that they found themselves disenfranchised with something that played differently.

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@Toms115 said:

incredible story

Sorry but...LOL!

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@axlrose15 said:

@Toms115 said:

incredible story

Sorry but...LOL!

whatever you say, axlrose15 -_-

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I'd say that fish had to be the reason.

Yup, definelty fish.

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@Toms115 said:

@axlrose15 said:

@Toms115 said:

incredible story

Sorry but...LOL!

whatever you say, axlrose15 -_-

Ouch, sick diss. I bow to your superior skills sir :D

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As cheesy and corny as final fantasy 10 was, it never frustrated me all the way till the end. Thats what I loved about ff4,6,7,8. The sense of balance was just right. Though final fantasy 12 on the other hand....SOOOOO much promise. So much. But then quarter of the way through, BAM! You pretty much are required to grind....beat the next boss, grind some more. The tomb of raithwall is pretty much where all the frustration started. And I have this thing, I can't stand games where you're around sand all the time. Its not a phobia or anything, but dear lord- what is more boring than sand? Then you have the HUGELY compressed voice acting, that sounds like its coming out of a jug of milk.

13, I can tell it is a good game. Just....by then, I've grown up, and I cannot kill the same enemies over and over in a turn-based battle, even if theres not much grinding involved. I can go back and play classics like lunar or final fantasy 6/7, but I can't grind anymore. I really really want to see the storys out in a game like ff13, but I can't select something, wait to attack, and so on. You can make an rpg like oblivion, or to a lesser extent- dark souls. To where it depends more on your skill, than how much time have you grinded. I do suppose thats why kingdom hearts has done so well...

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I haven't played this game since its original release. It's better than I remember. Or maybe everything after it was just a lot worse. The voice acting is incredibly awkward. Even John DiMaggio sounds really weird as Wakka

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I remember thinking it sounded pretty bad even back then, but for me the battle system and upgrade system makes it one of the best FF games. I spent more time with FF10 than any other FF game (130 hours). FF7 maybe I spent more but it tops out at 99hours so I cannot be sure. 16 year old me loved FFX and it was the last FF game I really loved even if it was no FF7 in story. I'm hoping I'll love it again. So impatiant for the March 21 release here in EU.

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Well let me tackle a few points

A - Ya the dialog is cheesy and crap. The translation was horrible.

B - The place that they had blitzball tournaments was pretty much the safest place from Sin. Even though they were attacked after the blitzball tournament, it was a few weak mobs. Sin obviously can't blow that city up. As for why there are towns made of wood right by the sea where sin's spawn aren't easily spotted before Sin comes to retreave them is anyones guess

C - They play blitzball to distract the people from constant fear of dieing.

D - They're all "some machina are permitted by our religion" lol. If you finished the game as a kid, it will make sense why this is.

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I'll try weigh in too.

A) Bad translation and it was the first Final Fantasy game they tried to put voices too. They had to do english and japanese and maybe other languages and they weren't bothered/didn't have the time or money to go try match lip syncing in every language. It is a really bad job, but at the time it seemed better or was at least more impressive that a Final Fantasy game had a fully voiced cast of characters in it.

B) They probably don't move away from the water for the same reason that people in our real world still live in places were floods, tsunamis, mud slides and earthquakes are a real threat, they can't just uproot and leave.

C) As mentioned they're using blitzball to distract everyone from impending doom and to try keep the peace. In order to stop everyone rioting and going crazy, they're acting like nothing is wrong in the cities. Same reason that Yuna getting married is a big event in the cities.

D) Again as mentioned, some machina is alright, other machina is a no no.

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Not a fan of FF10 myself.

Watching the Quick Look refreshed my memory of why I don't feel very fond of it. I think when it came out initially I felt it was okay because the fancy graphics and cutscenes and such. But yea it is pretty far down on my FF list.

I thought the story was kinda dumb. I found all the teen drama/romance stuff tiring (which is probably why I also don't really like FF8.) I thought Sin as a villain was dumb and I remember when I first played through it (I would have been around 13-14 years old) I just kept thinking like.. Wtf is this "Sin" thing? Its a big bubble in the water? Wtf am I looking at? etc. The dialogue is horrendous.

I was super annoyed they made the summons function like a Pokemon battle or something (I still like Pokemon though) instead of just having epic animations. Also thought they looked kinda dumb, especially Bahamut, where you go from crazy awesome dragons in FF7 and 9 to like.. a macho turkey? Ugh.

I was super disappointed there was no open world map with the airship for the first time. The areas didn't feel linear at the time, as I probably didn't even know what that meant, but looking back now the areas do seem like they are approaching the FF13 way of things.

Pros? I liked the character designs for Lulu, Kimahri, and Auron I guess. I liked Blitzball. There are maybe a few songs I like.

In the grand scheme of things, it isn't that bad. A lot of what I said above just comes from personal preference for style/appearance/function/story. So I feel so so about it and can accept that other people like it. I was at least able to beat it, which is more than can be said for FF8 because I think I hit some boss fight at a military base on disc 3? And I couldn't go back or forward to do other things? I abandoned 8 and never looked back. Or FF13 which was a disgrace to the franchise IMO and I never beat that one either after getting stuck on a boss fight near the end.

Actually pulled out my FF10 PS2 copy while typing this. Still in great shape.

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