anamanaman's Final Fantasy X International (PlayStation 2) review

Wow. Just Wow.

With the high praise of this title, I was excited to pick it up. 6 hours into it, I'm completely stunned. The protagonist is about the lamest character I've seen in a game to date. He's annoying, and likes to make weird grunt sounds instead of actually talking. The story is complete drivel, and Yuna is... I don't know. She sucks, thats about all I can sum things up with.

This game was clearly made to be some sort of 11 year old wet dream. I'm dumbfounded though that this game is ranked as one of the top PS2 games, and well liked Final Fantasy installments. 

Anyways, I turned it off after the insane sequence of Yuna doing some perverted weird dance while walking on water. Lots of fun, this game is going in the garbage.
Posted by Blomakrans

This must be the worst review I've ever read...

Posted by TheBigBopper

dude thats so retarded

Posted by CptnOblivious

Obviously you didn't like the game, but your written rationale doesn't sell it.  It sounds like you're being contrary for contrary-sake.

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