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Fire Pro Wrestling is a long running video game franchise in Japan. It has been around since 1989, but North America never saw the game until 2001 aside from those importing the game. Developer Spike took over the franchise and made a verison for the Gameboy Advance. This was the first time the game saw release in North America and it was also one of the launch titles for the Gameboy Advance. 


Almost any ring type is available.
The game tries to capture all the elements of wrestling, and features many different modes. The actual game play is a little more exagerated than most wrestling games because of modes like death match. The modes include traditional wrestling matches, tournaments, death match and Gauntlet. The player has a lot of options to change match stipulations which can make the game play more varied. There are many different arenas and ring types to choose from with traditional four sided rings or even UFC style rings.  

Create a Wrestler

Create your own league and wrestlers with various fighting styles
The game really gains its depth through the wrestler creator. You are given many options including appearance and movesets. The tools had so much depth you could easily create all your favorite wrestlers with there proper appearance and moveset. The create a player features almost any move that you could imagine in the world of wrestling. You were also given the ability to give your wrestler different fighting style. This choice allowed each wrestler to feel and play much differently in the game. Along with creating wrestlers you could create an entire league, thus giving the player the ability to create their own organization and roster.

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