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FIsh Listening to Radio was posted to XBLM on 2/12/2010 for 80 Microsoft points. It is the collaborative effort of Ziba Robert Scott (ink, coding and design) and Alice Lam (music, color and design).

The gameplay consists of players trying to collect worms being lowered on hooks while defending their radio. When worms are being lowered on a line, the fish can eat the worm without being hooked, but on the upward journey the opposite holds true. The primary goal, however, is to protect the radio from hooks, which can be dislodged by contact from a player. Score is kept as the game plays out, with points being given for worms eaten and starfish scared away, encouraging players to momentarily ignore defense of the radio for an attempt to nab more points.

As the players accrue more points, the visuals of the game change. Initially, everything looks like a child's line drawing, but as the score increases more and more aspects of the world become colored in (with crayon, naturally).

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