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 Ironically you never kicked over tables during the game.
This kung fu action adventure from the past was released by Melbourne House and has since it's 1986 release received a cult status. In a way it resembles games like Metroid only you're put in the middle of this massive, somewhat dark world without explanation, armed only with your fists and feet.

 Kicking ass through many seamless locales like jungles, dojos, waterfalls, caves, dungeons and mountains, it was always the player alone against evil henchmen, dogs and some sinister puzzles revolving around collecting scrolls and praying at shrines to increase your health.

Critics were not too happy about this game after its 2 year production time but it did not stop Fist 2:TLC and it's prequel The Way of the Exploding Fist from being part of shaping the future of martial arts romps like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. No one questioned the graphics however, along with the deep, oriental-themed soundtrack by Neil Brennan.

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