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Fitba is an association football (soccer) game that plays in a similar vein to Sensible Soccer, World Cup Italia '90 or Olympic Soccer. Players control a team of players from a top down, vertical camera angle, with the option to pass, dribble and shoot when in possession and tackle, mark, header when the opposition has the ball. One caveat of the control scheme that differentiates Fitba from its forebears is the ability to control passing and player movement with the twin analog sticks of the Xbox 360 controller. This affords players with greater freedom in where and who they pass to on the pitch.

In addition to this, Fitba allows players to fully customise the defeault fake teams, which are named after real locations in Scotland and England such as Ripon, as well as adding in your own created teams, replete with changeable names, positions, appearances and skill levels. An online mode is featured in the game with players able to select their edited teams to play with.

Fitba as a term is used as a Scottish colloquialism or slang term for the word "football". Triple B Games would later go on to develop College Lacrosse for the XNA Community marketplace in 2010.

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