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Bristlebane with a loyal Cleric of Mischief 
Bristlebane discovered the world of Norrath around the same time as Cazic-Thule.  Tunare, Prexus, Brell, and of course Veeshan had already populated the world with their creations.  He was drawn to the thickets of Norrath, and that is where he created the Halflings of the world.  A short, stocky race of people with an affinity to nature and a love of mischief.


Those who claim Bristlebane as their god are all about having fun above all other things.  Bards and rogues the most common devotees, but there are a great many gyspies that worship him as well.  Mischief is encouraged heavily among the King of Thieves' followers.  While other religions focus on honor, fear, or peace, these clever and witty tricksters have rituals consisting of practical jokes.  Followers of other gods may sometimes find these mischief makers annoying, but very few of them have evil intentions.  During the Age of Turmoil, the most devout followers of Bristlebane are the Halflings of Rivervale, where a chapel has been erected in honor of the King of Thieves.


Plane of Mischief 
In Norrathian art, Bristlebane is depicted in many different ways.  Sometimes as a Halfling, sometimes as a court jester, sometimes as a singing bard, he is known to take various forms and often use illusions in his trickery.  When adventurers discovered the Plane of Mischief in the Temple of Veeshan during the Age of Turmoil, Bristlebane manifested himself as an oversized Halfling.  None may know his true form.

Among the Pantheon

Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane makes his home in the Plane of Mischief.  He has no true enemies or allies, but is considered mostly as a good-natured god.


The first day of the fourth month of the year is known worldwide as Bristlebane Day.  Those faithful to the god of mischief run rampant all day causing good-natured hijinks.

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