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Brell Serlis 
Brell Serilis was the second god to come to Norrath, the first to notice Veeshan's mark upon the promising world.  During the Age of Scale, he secretly created a magical portal into the heart of Norrath.  Through this portal far beneath the surface of present day Odus, Brell planted the seeds of various creatures, then sealed the portal.  He called a meeting among the pantheon, calling attention to the need to keep Veeshan's power in check.  Brell, Tunare, and Prexus divided Norrath among themselves and set out to breathe life into the world, the other two not knowing that Brell had already done so.  Brell claimed the endless caverns and tunnels beneath the surface of the world, and there he created the Dwarves in his likeness.  Brell later made another pact when Bristlebane and Cazic-Thule came to Norrath.  He used this opportunity to justify the creation of more creatures, this time the wiry, gnarled Gnomes


Brell Serilis' followers believe the surface of the world to be an utter waste of time and space.  True happiness for them is found beneath the crust of the world, in the darkness of the caves and tunnels.  Sadly, this is about the only thing that Brell's followers can agree.  Brell probably has one of the most diverse populations of devotees.  The Dwarves of Kaladim believe without question that they are the true children of Serilis.  But the ferocious Gnolls of the world vehemently disagree.  Kobolds and Gnolls were his first creations, but Brell later turned his attention to his more intelligent children, the Dwarves and Gnomes of Faydwer.  The gnolls still worship him, as they have built a temple in Jaggedpine Forest to prove it, but the kobolds have turned their back on him as they believe he did the same to them.  The goblin clan of Runny Eye believe Brell to be their father, despite it being well known that Rallos Zek is he one who created the goblin race.  


 EverQuest: Underfoot
In most lore, Brell Serilis is illustrated as a Dwarf clad in elaborate mining gear and wearing a crown of candles.  He encountered mortals near the end of the Age of Turmoil when his realm was discovered through his ancient portal at the bottom of The Hole.  When he returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny, he mostly maintained this same appearance.

Among the Pantheon

Brell Serilis is allied with Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane and an enemy of Veeshan.  He makes his home in the Plane of Underfoot.    

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