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88mm FlaK 18
The FlaK 88 gun (often referred to as the eighty-eight) was a German anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery gun used during World War II. They were widely used throughout the war, and could be found on almost every battlefield. The gun's original purpose was to be an anti-aircraft gun, hence the name FlaK 88 (Flugabwehr-Kanone, translated to anti-aircraft gun). However, it turned out to be an effective weapons against tanks as well. The "88" refers to the size of the barrel which is 88 mm wide. 

PaK and KwK Variants

 PaK 43/41
Its success as an improvised anti-tank gun led to a separate series of FlaK models.  
  • PaK (Panzerabwehr-Kanone, translated to anti-tank gun)
    The PaK was a dedicated anti-tank gun. It was placed on a new cruciform-like platform with the gun much closer to the ground than the FlaK, which made it harder to hit and also easier to camouflage. It was also provided with a much stronger and more angled armor shield to give the crew more protection. 

  • KwK (Kampfwagen-Kanone, translated to fighting vehicle cannon)
    The KwK version of the Flak 88 is basically just a PaK modified to fit into a tank turret. This was the main armament for tanks such as the Tiger II. A self-propelled version of the gun was applied to tank destroyers like the Jagdpanther.

In Games

Company of Heroes

Flak 88 AA emplacement in Company of Heroes
The Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite in Company of Heroes, is able to built the FlaK 88. It serves mainly as an anti-tank gun, but can also be used to shoot down planes that the enemy might call into the battlefield. It has a long range and high damage, but since it's stationary, it is vital to place it on a good spot and protect it against infantry.
Different PaK and KwK versions can also be seen in the game, such as the PaK 38 AT Gun, Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger Tank and the King Tiger, among others.

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