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Flimbo's Quest was a 2D platform/adventure game in which you take control of Flimbo, and quest through 7 levels to save your girlfriend Pearly (she's been kidnapped by  mad scientist Franzs Dandruff).

The levels were not constantly scrolling to the right, a la Super Mario, but could be traversed left and right to search for scrolls needed to progress to the next level.  The number of scrolls required to complete a level increased each time you progressed.  The scrolls were located inside certain enemies in the game, destroying the enemy allowed you to collect it's scroll. Taking them all to the wizard Dazz Bazian would enable him to create the spell that would take you to the next level.

Certain items could also be bought from Dazz Bazian to help the player through the level. These included extra time and lives, scrolls (so that you could 'skip' searching for one), and perhaps most importantly, a powered up weapon, which made tackling adversaries significantly easier. Coins to purchase these items could be found throughout the levels. There were also coin rooms, where, if the coins were collected in the correct order, larger amounts to spend could be amassed.

Whilst the game was not long, it was addictive in its simple gameplay and could at times prove to be very difficult (sometimes due to lousy controls).



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