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In Flywrench you control your ship using the arrow keys. Your ship is constantly falling downwards and you must keep it afloat by tapping the up arrow to flap its wings, while using the left and right arrow keys to glide. Pressing the down key will make your ship go into a roll which allows you to bounce off of walls without dying. The goal of the game is to make it to the end of each level while avoiding obstacles and passing through colored gates. In order to pass through these gates you must change your ships color to that of the gate you are passing through. The up arrow key will make the ship red, the down arrow key will make it green, and your ship will be white when neither are pressed. You die when you crash into walls or fail to change to the right color, and then have to restart the current level.

Official website of Flywrench:

Flywrench 2 maybe in works.

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