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Forget me Not Valley (also commonly spelled Forget-Me-Not Valley), is the sole location for the games Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. The location has several advantages, and terrain differences; these include:

Mythical Things can happen deep down in the forest
  • Direct access to the ocean: Although this ocean is just for show (eg. the player cannot actually interact with the ocean), it shoes how diverse the town can actually be. 
  • Access to a main river: This gives the player access to fishing, which is one of the main components of the game.
  • Forest: Deep inside the forest, mythical powers of the Harvest Gods lie.
  • Mountains: The way to the mountains can only be accessed when the game is connected to the Game Boy Advance Game: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.
  • Excavation site: Throughout the game, the archeologists will let you go into their excavation site and dig up some treasures of your own.
  • Houses: Since Forget me Not Valley has several inhabitants, private houses range from small single bedroom ones, to big two story family houses to mansions.
  • Shops: There is also several shops available, such as a seed shop or a tavern.

Forget-Me- Not Valley has a extremely distinguished climate, fully loving out the four seasons. Summers are therefore hot, in autumn the leaves begin to turn yellow and brown, in Winter, the town is covered in snow, and in spring it rains often but the sun is also seen shining often.
Dynamic season changes are present in the game. For example these are the trees at the start of autumn....
... and these are the trees at the end of autumn.

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