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An enemy that is encountered at the beginning of the game, he appears several times throughout the early stages before the player is finally able to battle him. It is the first of the four Cardinal Virtues, and the first Boss battle of the game.

The Cardinal Virtues that exist within Paridiso have but one ourpose; together they seek the ‘The Left Eye of the World’ a treasure said to be key to resurrecting Jubileus, The Creator

Appearing calm and composed outside of battle it is nonetheless an extremely dangerous adversary. He has dominion over one of the four elements, namely that of Fire. As with the other Cardinal Virtues, Fortitudo speaks the dialect of Enochian, the ancient language amongst the Laguna Hierarchy (Angels). At the forefront of the Witch Hunts 500 years prior, it led Paridiso’s charge against the Umbra Witches.

Fortitudo's appearance while grand is intended to incite fear in all who oppose the forces of Laguna. Fortitudo takes the form of an enormous winged beast, his two dragon heads, which protrude from either side of his body act as separate entities ,along with its huge tale. His ‘face’ is situated at the centre of the body; it appears as a human which curiously is placed upside down. This effectively acts the brain of the creature, able to communicate, it issue commands and controls the entire body at will.

His visage is adorned with elaborate designs and decorations. Each of the dragons bears a large gem upon its head, the colour corresponding to the lavish armour that adorns their body, the right side red, while the left is blue. Underneath its impressive armour however lurks a gruesome body, like the rest of its kin, it consists of an odd, and twisted musculature.

Like all Angels within the Bayonetta universe, his status seems to be a facade, appearing to be more corrupt and self-righteous than those who it opposes.

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