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The fourth and final of the Cardinal Virtues . Working alongside the other Cardinal Virtues, Sapientia is the highest ranked and acts as the general of the Laguna forces within Vigrid.

It only appears only briefly before his battle with Bayonetta, during Chapter XII it can be seen consorting with Jeanne. Angered at the lack of faith in her abilities, Jeanne attacks Sapientia, it leaves in anger but not before destroying the wing of the plane that she, along with Bayonetta are both stood upon. The plane, destoryed, is plunged into the sea.. It is here that Sapientia commences his attack.

Eventually succumbing to defeat, Sapientia is devoured by the Demon, Phantasmaraneae. Before its death it remarks at Bayonetta’s situation, taunting over her lack of knowledge about the plans to resurrect Jubelius, The Creator.

Like the Cardinal Virtues before him, his fate is sealed by the unceremonious dragging down into the depths of Inferno by the awaiting Demons.

As its name would suggest, Sapientia closely resembles some sort of serpent, although it is noticeably mechanical in nature.This can be seen most prominently with its face, which is hidden beneath an elaborate mask.

It retains the lavish white and gold aesthetic of the armour that is typically seen worn by the Cardinal Virtues, the corresponding halos above each leg would suggest that the ‘faces’ placed here are able to function independently. Using its impressive wingspan as well as its huge tale, it is able to disrupt and manipulate the tides of the sea in order to direct them as it wishes. Curiously it retains its mechanical aesthetic even after sustaining deep wounds; this is a significant difference from the rest of the Angels that are encountered before it, all of which retain a more traditional muscular structure underneath.

Like all Angels, it vehemently sticks to its doctrine, acting out of procedure, rather than its own methodology. Sapientia does not lament the loss of his comrades, instead stating that their deaths are a necessary in order to achieve their goal of world conquest.

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