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I'm trying to obtain details for a game, say 'Star Control 2'.

I use a URL like:

def url = "http://api.giantbomb.com/games/?api_key=$key&name=StarControl2&field_list=name"

I would expect this to return either just the name of the star control 2 game, or more likely 0 results since I may not be accounting for spaces properly in the url (how should they be supplied?).

What I end up with are the first 100 of 25683 results:

<response><error><![CDATA[OK]]></error><limit>100</limit><number_of_page_results>100</number_of_page_results><number_of_total_results>25683</number_of_total_results><offset>0</offset><results><game><name><![CDATA[Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf]]></name></game><game><name><![CDATA[Breakfree]]></name></game>


An earlier post said filtering doesn't work. Is this still the case? If not, what am I doing wrong!?!


PS. If it isn't working it would be great to have a list of known issues in the pinned thread of this forum.

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As stated in the games section of the documentation, the only filters that can be applied for games are field_list, limit, offset, and platforms. You'll need to use the search resource if you want to perform filters by name.

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Thx. It would be cool to just use criteria to narrow directly based on whatever fields are in your tables.

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