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Where can I find more data on usage limits of the api, legal stuff and pricing for "pro" users?

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You can find the basic terms of use here. If you have any more detailed questions, PM @rorie or contact support@giantbomb.com.

I don't think there's any practical usage limit on the API, but you do need to be aware that the standard policy is that there's no commercial use allowed.

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How do you define commercial use?

Can I use the API on a website/iPhone app to shows ads?

Can I use the API on a website/iPhone app that uses Amazon's referral program?

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@godmoney: I could make an educated guess at what the answer would be to those questions, but you're probably going to be best off asking support or Rorie about them.

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@godmoney: If you're making money by leveraging the API in any way, then it probably isn't allowed, but like Gamer said, you should contact Rorie via PM or the support e-mail address to verify.