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Dude, very cool! Love the layout -- nice work. I will say that if you were able to somehow get the videos on there as well I'd use it every day.

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@britg: Great idea! Definitely something I thought about in the process...I'll try to update it within the next couple of days.

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How did u do to load more itens when the page scroll reach to the bottom of the page? is there a specific js or have u created?

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Very Nice!

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@cyberox: Sorry for the late response! It was something I came up with using JavaScript, though it's probably not the best solution. Basically, once the scrollbar hits the bottom of the page, it just fires another AJAX request to the GB API.

A better solution may be to send the API request earlier and only throw the loading message if the bottom of the page is reached and the request has not finished loading.