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I have many ideas,but don't know how to use the API. Any help would be rewarded with me stalk--err,following you. Yeaaaaaa

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Have you read the documentation for the API? If so, I assume the problem is implementation? Unfortunately, my implementations are rather-assed and stored on a PC that no longer turns on. The only thing I've made for which any source code is currently available is the Whiskey Randomizer. If you use PHP, that might help you learn. If you don't, then there's little chance of it being of any help.

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A bit of a late response, but you have to understand some programming language first, and more specifically a language that can make an HTTP request and then help you parse the data returned (as XML or JSON).  The two most common languages that will get that done for you are JavaScript and PHP.  If you want to learn the latter, I'd recommend starting with the official documentation on php.net.