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Has anyone seen the game running/seen footage of it running on current gen consoles? If so how does it look?

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So a french sites review leaked and it said this

Positive Aspects:

  • Wonderful world / map
  • A lot of things to do
  • Stealth works very well, you can chose how to approach your taget, etc..

Negatives Aspects:

  • Technical problems
  • Lose of frame rate on PS3
  • Aliasing on PS4

Other Things:

  • Cities are better than AC3 (for free running)
  • This is A TRUE AC GAME, and the most accomplished of the franchise.
  • Combats are slower than AC3…
  • There are less weapons, less new types of ennemies…
  • But naval battles are amazing !
  • You’ll play as Edward like 10 minutes after launching the game on your console
  • Naval is amazing
  • Economic system of AC4 is easier to understand and really well made (you board ships, and sell ressources)
  • You’ll need to upgrade your ship to succes on seas. To upgrade your ship you’ll need ressources. You can get them by boarding ships.
  • Taking forts have an impact on Edward’s progression. It will reveal the location of special places such as caves.
  • In all main or secondary missions you can play stealthy if you chose to.
  • The involvement of Edward in the Templar-Assassin conflict is a bit predictable but still well done by Darby. You’ll see a lot of history events.

I guess it will run like AC 3 on current gen consoles. It should be playable but you will probably experience Frame rate drops regularly .

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I've only played II and Brotherhood and now this and the performance is at least as good as those. It's great. I think even more guards Benny Hill after you if you've grabbed attention and I've run around for 5 minutes sometimes trying to lose the gits. Stop diving on me, you bastard!!

Visually the tropical bits make it feel sunny and alive making a great contrast to the walled cities. It feels very Ubisoft, like they're mixing in Far Cry 3 with it because you can kill and skin animals.

I'd never done any boating before but there's an opening battle that was fun even though I was learning the controls during it so had learn while fighting panic. Then the tiny bit of 'pilot this boat out the bay' felt really majestic and amazing when you see a hump backed whale. Having to go whaling later on is something I'm apprehensive about but I'm going to try and get into the spirit of man vs the beast.

It doesn't seem to make any great progress even though I haven't played 3 and Resurrection or whatever it was, but it still feels great if you like fannying about on rooftops, climbing towers, getting assassination missions from pigeons and collecting stupid chests and things that luckily all appear on the map. And the Welshy boy lead is great. I like Ezio plenty but this guy is a charmer.

But he did make me go NOooOOOo when he throws away the hidden blades.

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Everytime a new AC game comes out i'm like "O man i should really go and finish the last one"

And then that doesn't happen and i buy the new one.

I've got halfway in like the past 3 games. I won't make the mistake of picking this up for the console like i did with the last one.

I'm hoping this one will play like a 3D open world version of sid meiers pirates to some degree. Or maybe like what bethesda's pirates game was supposed to be.

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Just picked it up on PS3 and unfortunately seems to have some pretty noticeable performance problems. On the positive, it already seems way better than AC3, which I still enjoyed.

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If it run anything like Brotherhood did (last one I played on a console) then I wouldn't want to go near it, that game framed up something crazy.

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I'm waiting for this. I'll likely get a PS4 for Christmas and I need SOMETHING to play on it other than NBA2k14. So ACIV will be my 'launch' game.

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I have been playing the ps3 version and once and a while there will be a bit of a frame hitch and the resolution and textures don't seem to be as high as the next gen, but it is fully playable by all accounts.