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Every time I tap the Send button, it just refreshes the page!

Also, when I tap the little envelope icon in the top right corner, it used to refresh and tell me if I had any PMs in my inbox. It no longer refreshes.

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I have the same issue and I can't reply to threads either.

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Some more issues I've run into on the mobile sites (my PC is broken):

1. Clicking on the text box is an exercise in frustration (took me tapping on it 12 times to get the keyboard to show up for this post alone).

2. When in the Inbox, taping on the menu or search icons on the top don't do anything

3. Same issue as #1, except this applies to the buttons like Edit, page numbers in forum threads or PMs (if, say, you wanted to go to the last page of a thread or PM), the navigation pane (tapping on Forums tab opens the forums drop down but any consecutive taps do not take you there - you have to press and hold), etc.

4. Trying to make embedded images bigger - when you tap it takes it to the image viewer with the little comment thing on the right but tapping the expand icon in the bottom right does not do anything)

5. Replying to an article works but after it refreshes, the whole page looks super broken.

Will update more as I run unto new problems. Thanks for reading!

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PMs are completely broken on all mobile devices I've used on the new site. Plus, for some reason PMs that have new replies are no longer moved to the top of your inbox. And it would have been really awesome if we didn't have to read the first page of a PM every time we go to read new posts at the end... Would have been great if they just went to the newest page.

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Yup that would be nice. Last site had the page numbers next to the PM so you could just click on the last page and it would go there.