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So, this just recently started happening. I'll have a PM pop up and I'll hover over the icon to see who it is from then click on that message to open up the inbox to see the message except trying to view the messages this way keeps sending me to a 404 error. Now if I click on inbox then click on the message everything is fine its just using the inbox shortcuts.

If it helps Im running Windows 7 and I'm on Chrome version Version 24.0.1312.57 m

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I have this as well. The little inbox in the top right of the site has a "{" before showing messages, I assume that has something to do with it being broken?

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Same here.

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Just started today also. As well as the {

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Yes, it is a problem for me, as well. I think it's the additional "/" that appears to be in the link when you click it.

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I'm infected as well. Damn you {

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This has been going on for the past day or two for me, too. You can still view the updates and messages from within your Inbox page, itself, but it's definitely slightly inconvenient.

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Yep, this happens to me as well. It's not linking properly to the PM from the little letter icon.

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yep yep. click from inbox = okay. click from drop down notification menu at top of screen = 404.

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I assume the engineering team must be aware of this, but hey, here's a screenshot in case they need it:

Note the curly brace that screws up the URL for that message, leading to the 404.

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yup, we know about the issue, hopefully push a fix after the sony stream today.