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Browser: Chrome 28.0.1500.7, OSX 10.7.5

This is a tough one because I can't get 100% reproducibility, but it's also a critical one because it destroys edits in progress.

When adding Relateds in their tabs, trying to add the same one twice from the dropdown has a popup "Object already in table". (It says Object no matter which tab, which is fine. It's a database object, not the definition for wiki page purposes I assume.)

Three times in a row (the first unintentionally), I had this popup event do an immediate forced refresh of the page on OK, with no confirmation of navigating away as normally expected. Boom, gone, back to view mode. Normally when deliberately refreshing or navigating away there is first the browser's alert, followed by the wiki's alert, but neither popped in this case.

Then I tried another four times, causing the dupe alert the same way, and different ways (other objects and tabs), and could not get the refresh to trigger again.

Chrome is getting pretty weird lately... :/

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@brackynews: Which page were you trying to edit? I can't reproduce this yet. Were there a crapton of associations already in the page, or is it a relatively empty one?

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@rorie: This was a brand new game page with no existing associations. I didn't make note of which, sorry.