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The app won't open on my old Roku XD when it has every time before. I'm sure this probably has something to do with the server changes but just making sure it's made aware of as it's my primary way of watching Giant Bomb

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its happened to me before the change. sometimes just pulling the power works. if not, i would reinstall

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sorry, shut down the old api tier. We'll need to get these fixed as api.giantbomb.com is no longer supposed to be active. Turning it back on again.

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@mrpibb: Thanks! This is the main way that I view content. Would love it back up.

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@mrpibb: thanks! This is my favorite way to watch GB videos. I hope this continues to work for years to come!

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@mrpibb: Thanks, I still use this on a regular basis for gb content.

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I love the Roku channel! Long live the Roku Channel!