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I'm a subscriber, and I can no longer watch the HTML5 versions of any videos. Clicking play removes the big "play" symbol for a second, then returns it and nothing happens. This occurs for low, high, and HD quality.

I use Chrome and have not changed/ updated any extensions recently

speed test here http://www.speedtest.net/result/2551356186.png

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Additionally, I've tried downloading the videos (by clicking the "download" button) and have gotten a black screen with a messed up play bar on the bottom, but still no video.

Relatedly, I wasn't sure if this was by design but when using Progressive mode, I can't skip around the video. I tend to watch the longer videos in chunks, and all of these problems add up to me not having a reliable way to watch any of the subscriber videos in HD. qq I know but hey.

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I have been having this problem as well. I have resorted to using the streaming option so i can skip around. It's not ideal but it's the best option I have.

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I'm afraid I can't help you any further about the html5 video not working, but with your other questions I can...

though you could try this, as it seems somewhere along the line your connection speed to giantbomb goes down:

1. If you believe you have more than enough bandwidth to view these videos you can help us out by doing the following.

  • Visit speedtest.net Run the test against a US location. Once done click on "share this result". Copy the link to the png created.
  • Run a traceroute to cp198953.edgefcs.net and v.giantbomb.com
  • Send a PM to @mrpibb with this info.

On Windows: open command prompt and type "tracert cp198953.edgefcs.net" without the quotes. To copy the text right click at the top of the command prompt> edit> mark> select the text> right click at the top of the command prompt> edit> copy. Repeat with "tracert v.giantbomb.com"

Mac/Linux: Open terminal and run "traceroute cp198953.edgefcs.net" without the quotes. Copy those results. Repeat with "traceroute v.giantbomb.com".

1. Progressive doesn't allow skipping forward past the loaded part of the video.

2. For downloading the video's click the download button, then right click the quality you want and select "save as". When you actually left click the quality (which seems from your post you do) the video will open within Chromes HTML5 player.