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Just noticed this, but I bought a year subscription a couple months back during a sale. I noticed that the medal stayed silver, and assumed it would until the current month subscription had run out, but I just noticed it never went to gold. Not that it really matters to me personally, but I thought I'd point this out just in case it's a wider issue.

Or, maybe because I bought it on sale I'm destined to carry the burden of the silver medal.

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Have you tried logging out and back in again? That can fix these things sometimes.

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@mooseymcman: Yeah, that was my first guess. I've even cleared my browser history/cookies/cache since then. Maybe it's just because I'm set to be a monthly subscriber outside of this year subscription I bought? Like, when I go to my account, it says monthly subscriber beginning May 2015.

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@hatking: Weird! I'd suggest sending something direct to @rorie, he's usually pretty good at sorting these things out.

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@mooseymcman: Good call. I'll probably shoot him a PM tonight or tomorrow, I just wanted to post this here in case anybody else was having the same issue.

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@hatking: I tried updating your data; try logging out and back in again and let me know if that doesn't work.

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yeah same here, i guess. i haven't cancelled my current monthly billing in case it breaks something, wasn't sure how to handle that. it just says "Premium Monthly (recurring) member till May 11, 2015" and I don't believe i've been charged for monthly since.

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Nicely done Rorie he hasn't noticed/responded yet but the medals gold on my screen now.

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@rorie: Awesome. I didn't even have to log out, it appears to be working. Thanks!

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@ripelivejam: Give it a few minutes and hopefully it'll update.

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I have been subscribed for like two years on a monthly basis. That is way more money than a yearly, especially with those sales. I should have a gold medal.

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Silvermedals are better, cus we dont get free t-shirts (which they have to pay for) and we ultimately pay them more money per year, so if you want to support the site, a monthly subscription actually helps them out more if you look at the economics.

Plus you can keep em on their toes by being able to unsubscribe so easily, speaking of which i totally need to resubscribe, i canceled like a week ago cus things were getting crappy but this week they TOTALLY REDEEMED themselves. See thats the awesomeness of silvermedal subscribers. I'd recommend it to everyone.

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@rorie said:

@ripelivejam: Give it a few minutes and hopefully it'll update.

sweet thank you very much!!!

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@flacracker: Alas, I don't think I have the ability to switch monthly members into yearlies, with the gold medal and all, at least not permanently. It'd likely just flip you back to the silver medal when your subscription renewed if I tried. But we appreciate you being a subscriber!