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I would love to habitually check for new interviews from the dumptruck in the same pathetic manner that I check for new video content every day, complete with the satisfying tingle that washes over me when I see that red Play icon, knowing that sweet juicy video goodness lies within.

Without some sort of audio icon for the interviews that have been going up, they're blending right in with the news stories for me. I tend to watch just about every piece of media content as soon as it goes up, but generally save the news stories for later when I'm on a bus or something and have extended time to read. This is all COMPLETELY screwing with my Giant Bomb mojo.

Obviously that's just my use case but it does seem to me that it would be consistent with the design to include something like that, as well as more informative :)

(Sorry if this is the wrong section but I didn't see anything related to feature requests or anything.)