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Links are completely busted in Chrome. It is impossible to log-in for me due to this issue, so I am currently using IE. Opening links in new tab's works(right click, open in new tab) so idk what it is. Also I can get to the login page, but the submit button doesn't work(which technically is not a link, so it's not just released to links).

I am using the latest release of chrome, windows 7(64 bit).

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This may be a related issue, as I'm using Chrome, too:

If I click on a thread, I'm directed immediately to the most recent post. The problem is that this doesn't load the thread, instead directing me to a browser 500 error (IE no Luchadeer). I can delete the #tag and get to the thread just fine, so I'm guessing that's part of the problem. (Strangely, this thread is an exception, maybe because it's #0.)

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Everyone is getting 500 message

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@ssully: What chrome extensions do you have installed and enabled in Chrome?

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@tsubomi: Last Pass is the only extension I use.

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Just want to confirm this issue seems to be fixed now, as I am using chrome successfully! Also I don't use any adblocking extensions/software, so I don't know if the most recent post applies to me. Either way good work.