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So the mobile site has kept auto logging me out for the last few days.

When ever I go to the main screen on my phone to use another app then come back here it has logged me out

iPhone 4S.

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@rorie: It's also happened to me, randomly. iPhone 4 iOS7

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It has happened to me as well.

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Same thing happening to me, but I also have cookie issues on PC's, I get randomly logged out every other day or so.

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This doesn't happen every time I leave Chrome (on Android), but does occasionally occur. (It's a lot less frequent than when the mobile site launched.) It just happened to me minutes ago (but I don't remember when it occurred before that).

Is there an expected duration for logins to last (do they expire after a day, month, year?) Maybe my case was just normal?

Chrome 30.0.1599.92 on Android 4.2.1

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Sorry for the errors. We've been having some server issues over the last week that might be causing this, but I'll file a bug for it just in case. Is this still happening today?