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There's a design decision in Giant Bomb that drives me up the wall. Let's say I've opened a few tabs of videos that I want to watch. I click on a tab in my browser tab bar, then move the mouse down to the play button in the middle of the video pane. On the way down the cursor passes over the "Reviews" button, which makes a menu appear a split second later, more or less exactly when I'm trying to click on the video pane. The menu is comprised of large, solid buttons instead of individual links, so any place I hit will load a new page, causing me to lose my place in the video. Depending on circumstances, the results range from moderately irritating to disastrous in contexts when buffering video is at a premuim. Is there anything that can be done about this?

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Honestly, this problem is my biggest issue with the site as it is now. It's even worse when sometimes it doesn't pick up where you left off when you refresh.

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Happens to me too from time to time and it's super annoying. I like a pretty high cursor speed, and sometimes I just mouse around and click too fast to avoid a surprise drop-down menu. My email did this too for a while and I was regularly taken to sports news or whatever. I understand that a lot of people switch tabs with their keyboard, but I still think there shouldn't be automatic stuff like this popping up along the path from the tab bar to stuff that people are most likely to want to click on. Or maybe put a slight delay on the buttons so you can pass your cursor over them without triggering the menus.