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So I can't watch videos anymore here. I'm pretty shocked and bummed out such a fatal flaw got through before the new site launched. I'm now currently paying for content that I can't watch. Please help.

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Using an iPad 2 and have been able to watch videos. Sometimes they don't load up right away and it takes a few presses of the play button to get it going (at least on my case)

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How do I use the YouTube player? Maybe that will work better? I have a subscription so that's supposed to be an option, right? But I don't see any option for it.

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Other than just going to youtube and finding the giantbomb page, no idea.

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Same here. Driving me crazy =/

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Personally not having that issue, but others on the forum are having the same problem. For the meantime, you can download the Giant Bomb Video Buddy that another duder made for free. Fantastic app and the best way to watch GB videos on iPad.

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Cool, I'll check it out. It seems to be related to the way hover vs click input is interpreted. To get to my own profile, I have to either find something on the site I did, or tap on the message icon at the top, then hit inbox. If I click my avatar at the top, it just shows the drop down, and if I click stuff within there, it disappears. This is on both safari and chrome. :(

Even better example: If I tap Forums, instead of just showing the submenu, it shows the submenu, then immediately loads the Forums page. All about the way input is interpreted, I imagine.

Another one: The edit button does not work on my post. I have to open it in a new tab within safari on my iPad, which then adds p tags to each paragraph, and they have to be removed manually before posting the edit.

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@joshs: I got the edit stuff to work on my iPad except I'm using Google Chrome as my broweser.

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The videos I watch iOS always freeze after about a while. I left it once just to see if it was buffering but after 15 minites still nothing had happened. Pressing play just caused it to replay the last frame and freeze again. @snide We need your help on this one! (See, http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bug-reporting-33/video-freezing-ios-1424907/#6)

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I also use an HTC sensation android phone. Videos won't launch anymore from my device. super bummed.

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I've noticed a couple of these issues using my Ipad 3. Can usually get videos to play, although with more delay than normal and some text boxes and header buttons seem to be unresponsive when I've clicked on them or only offer the drop down menu instead of allowing me to click through.

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I'm having the same issue on my iPad. Also, for some reason I can't reply to any topics or comment on anything with my iPad either.