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Whenever I post in a topic, I can't post anything or interact with buttons like quote/flag/reply in the upper right corner of a post, specifically after posting. Only flag becomes available. Is this intentional? Threads with updated posts, as per notification, don't show the new posts. This only happens after my post in the topic. It can take me half an hour to show up.

These same things happen on the new Gamespot.

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@trafalgarlaw: I haven't heard/seen that myself. I'm assuming you're refreshing the page after posting?

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Yes, is that intentional? While we're at it, any news/update on payment option of monthly subbing through paypal? (I don't own a cc)

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I had this issue or one similar to it sporadically in the recent past.

Try the site on a few different browsers, and make sure your basics (Flash) are up to date.

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No still the same, also on different PC's. That's why I thought it was intentional.