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Hey guys,

So I went to watch UPF today and it noted that I was no longer a Premium Member. Checked the billing page and sure enough I'm down as a Free Member again, despite it saying Premium Member (recurring) when I checked only a few weeks before. I definitely was due for a payment in January, and it may just be a case of the automatic system didn't work, I'm more than happy to manually resubscribe (and likely will have done so by the time you read this). Just thought I'd mention it here in case it was symptomatic of a larger issue you guys should be aware of.

Some additional details:

  • My last Premium Membership was bought during a sale, so it's possible those don't recur naturally? Might just be the 'Premium Member (recurring)' text was wrong.
  • My Billing History is blank despite having bought several memberships. However, they were bought long ago and possibly before this system was in place?

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From the threads I've seen recently, there seems to be a bug in which the system lets you keep your membership status without any billing even after your premium has run out. People have said that the system fixes itself and correctly labels them as free members after a while (I think it might have something to do with the cookies in your browser).

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@pyroman777: The billing history thing being deleted has been a bug for a long time and needs to be fixed, for sure. I can generally find the information in our credit card database, though. We also need to start emailing people when their terms are about up, which we haven't been doing.

As far as premium status being retained; the system will keep you on for seven days after your account expires just in case your credit card was declined and it needs to be updated. It should expire in a week or so.

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Cheers for the reply Matt. Luckily in my case the history thing isn't a big deal, but I'm glad you guys have it on your radar as I'm sure it's more of an issue for other people.

I think I must have been unclear though, my issue wasn't that I was keeping a Premium status without paying. Basically I thought the subscription service was supposed to re-subscribe automagically when my current subscription ran out, but in this case it didn't. It wasn't an issue to do it manually, but if it's a thing that is broken I thought you guys should know.

There's almost certainly a really simple explanation that mostly involves me being an idiot!

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Ah thanks Rorie, that answered my question too. Thought I still had some subscription months, but I'm bad with time so it could've been longer than I'm guessing.

I couldn't find my last payment in my creditcard history, so the empty billing history on GiantBomb's accounting page confused me.