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Basically, when I'm watching HTML5 video in Chrome on one monitor while I have another application open like a game on my other monitor, the HTML5 video playback (this doesn't affect the audio at all), becomes stuttery and almost looks like ghosting. AFAIK it only happens on Giantbomb, and only with the HTML5 player. It's never done this before, and only has started recently. Two things that have happened recently is that I've installed a new Nvidia GTX 770, and that GB has a new player, so I'm not really sure where the problem lies.

I have a video, not sure if you can really see it but look at the character when he swings his swords, you'll maybe notice it looks like the screen is rumbling or jittering around or something. I'm not sure if my phone caught the problem accurately. This was recorded in Chrome with all extensions disabled and WoW (which game is open doesn't matter) running on another monitor at the same time.


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Hmm, that's weird. I have a GTX 770 as well and this happens sometime when playing a video from VLC on my non-primary monitor (my big-screen TV). Not necessarily a GB video; I haven't tried that yet. Let me give this a whirl at home and see if I can replicate this.

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Cool, It's HD HTML5, two 1080p monitors, and only happens in Chrome. Hope it's something fixable, I dont wanna switch to Firefox, lol.

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Figured it out, in Chrome's advanced settings, use hardware acceleration was checked. Unchecking this fixed the problem, if anyone runs into it.

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@dankxd: hmm thanks for the followup! Maybe I should hunt something like that down in VLC.