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I could not properly describe this in words, so I took screen-caps throughout the week:

It has been happening for a few weeks. Has anyone else had this? Is someone just screwing with me?

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I haven't seen anything like this; that's really weird. Has anyone else seen this? What browser are you using; does it affect you in other browsers? Is adblock on?

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@rorie said:

Has anyone else seen this?

For the record I've not seen or heard of anything like this before. It's a weird one.

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This seems like it has to be some sort of malware on your PC.

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Wow, I am so sorry for not getting back to this. The problem did not persist after my post. Someone hijacked my twitter account, which is why I had ads for Sunglass as my status. Could be a linked problem. Here is hoping no-one else went through this problem.