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I'm not sure how much official support there is for Roku and other non-browser based video players. That said I mostly use these to play GB content, and for the first time this E3 most of it is broken. I saw Drew's post about linking the server side content but completely breaking the UX for users not on a computer seems dumb. I even tried my PS4 browser which supports HTML5 video like my iPad but saw a really lazy error about needing flash support. Why would usability be reduced with a redesign?

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Are you talking about every video or just the live stream videos that haven't actually been uploaded to the servers yet?

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@baillie: livestreams, the type of content I usually watch when I get home since I can't watch it live

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Did you skim over the rest of my sentence? The live streams haven't been uploaded to their servers yet. Those videos are just the live video player.

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It's not going to be permanent though. It's only like this because they're busy up in E3.