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First off, I found out that I'm not the only one who has this problem here, but it didn't garner much attention, so I am attempting to post my previous message again. Here it is...

"Samsung Galaxy S3 here"...I'm not sure if this is a problem others are experiencing or not, but on the side bar, I can't select any of the "drop down" options. For example, if I select "podcasts" I can only go to the main bombcast page and cannot select from any other content. The same for videos and forums. It's REALLY unfortunate. Is there a fix coming? Am I the only one??? Thanks guys.

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I've been having some issues lately with the drop down menu as well. But on the iPhone.

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@breadfan: @naru_joe93: This seems to have gone unnoticed by the techs. I really cant get to anything I need to when not around my computer. The only work around I have found is by typing the name of the show on google, and going through that. It is literally toooo much of a hassle.

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Same issue here on an S4.

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I'll be honest I didn't even know there was a drop down. Mobile site now is so much worse than the old one, they should have just stayed with it really

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While we're at it what's going on with the site overall? Is anyone even left to work on it? Some issues have stuck around since launch while new ones seen to pop up intermittently. We gave up quests, achievement tracking and a working mobile site for a modern page layout that throws up errors half the time.

It's gotten to the point where if I get an error I know the post/review/blog probably went through anyway.

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The mobile site needs major work especially if you're a Windows Phone user where videos just do not work unless you're a subscriber so you're given the option to stream through the download option. The drop-down being broken right now is worse though as you can't access any of the podcasts, only the most current one. The most current forum posts at the bottom of the site also seems to randomly appear and disappear too. So many of these issues have been brought up in the bug reporting section of the forums yet go unchanged. I'm guessing right now, the engineers are focusing towards the redesign of Gamespot and other stuff rather than GB.

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Yeah, the mobile site needs attention. You can't even quote people.

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The only issue I have with the mobile site (iOS) is that when you open the side bar, it is stuck and you can't scroll. If you try, you'll inadvertently select something on that menu. So you have to close it, open it again and that's when you can scroll it and select where you're actually going. Didn't use to, it's a pretty recent issue.

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iOS with latest Chrome, cant use dropdown menus either. And there is no reason why only two video/news items fit on a page at once and only one when holding the phone sideways. Does it really need to be so zoomed in?

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This probably needs moved to the bug reporting forum. Also yeah, I can't use the drop downs on my phone, though when resizing my browser on PC, they work fine.

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@alanm26v5: Your right, and thanks. It's a frustrating issue.

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I do believe rorie hinted that the engineer team is currently pretty bogged down with work. My guess is comic vine stuff.

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Just reporting the same issue here.

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Weird. It appears to be adding additional question marks to your questions.

Yeah, just checked and same thing is happening in Chrome for iPhone.

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Yep, there's a lot of issues with the dropdowns on the mobile (and live) sites. I believe they're all bugged and are waiting for some engineering love. Sorry for the trouble.

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The dropdowns should be working now. Sorry for the trouble.

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