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When looking for Jon Talbain as a character on the Darkstalkers franchise page I came across a large number of characters that do not belong there. I was just wondering if there is a way for me, or a moderator to remove them?

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Characters appear in franchises if they appear in games within the franchise. But Akuma and the Darkstalkers franchise don't appear to have any games in common. Is the list bugged?

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@lordandrew said:

Is the list bugged?

Quite possibly. During the new site launch there was a nasty bug that would add lots of unrelated info to certain submissions, and I think only the wiki mods were able remove it. This looks like something that wasn't caught at the time. Mind taking a look character list on the Darkstalkers page @marino?

EDIT: Err... You can actually remove characters just fine by going to the character page and editing it. Now I feel bad for bothering Marino with this :(

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You can edit that? Weird. It SHOULD be auto-populated and uneditable. If it's editable, that's a regression from the previous behaviour. Users shouldn't be required to maintain a franchise's related pages.